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Blended Family of Rockers, Ink Masters, Gamers & Nerds Searching The Galaxy To Find Our Baby! Open To All Adoption Types

Well, Hey There Momma! You are one brave, strong and courageous soul! We are so proud of you for choosing adoption for your little one. We know this may be a scary time in your life but we're here for you the whole way! We're Paul, Heather & Parker. We're from North Carolina and we're so excited to go on this journey with you! We can get deeper into specifics later in our bio but we'll start by introducing ourselves! [I apologize if we're a little wordy/long-winded but we just want to give you as much detail about our family as possible so you can really get to know us.]

Hey There Beautiful! I'm Heather. I'm 35 years old & I work in Radio! I'm a Marketing & Advertisement Expert for a National Radio Corp. working with Radio DJ's and personalities all the live long day! I'm on a team of amazing people helping local companies grow their business! I love hanging out in the studios, chatting on air, and getting to meet some of the coolest musicians ever! In my spare time I like to spend time with my family, play with our dogs, video game, binge Netflix & nerd out to Disney, star wars, Harry Potter. I love to travel or sometimes just sit and relax on my back porch with a cup of coffee and stare off into the breathtaking views from our home in The Gorgeous Appalachian Mountains! My step-son, Parker is my light in the darkness. I love him so incredibly much and his mother and I have a beautiful and rare friendship that I wouldn't trade for anything! I am so thrilled you stopped to read our profile! You're so strong! Thank you for loving your child so much & have considered placing him/her into our home forever and always! I'm honored, Truly! **HUGS**

Hey There! I'm Paul! I'm 39, A Full Time Musician And Part Time Hospitality Agent. Most of my days are filled with Writing, Playing, & Producing Music in my office studio or relaxing with our 4 dogs; Thai, Whimsey, Luna & Biscuit! I have lived here in North Carolina all my life. It's my home and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else! In my spare time I'm hanging out with my best little buddy, my son, Parker, or I'm still writing music with my best friend and co-producer. After touring for many years, I decided in 2008, when my son was born that it was time to slow down and take it home. Parker is my life. He just turned 13 and he's growing like a weed! We have a super cool and tight bond and we spend as much time together as possible. Our favorite shows are The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. Favorite Movies are definitely Star-Wars & Harry Potter. We are a super nerd family through & through, and proud of It! Thank you for taking time to check us out! It means the world to us!

Hey, I'm Parker. I'm 13. I like to play videos games. I have a lot of them. I have a playstation, xbox, switch, VR, and iPad, but my favorite is my playstation. I haven't been to real school in like a year. The Rona made our school close and I miss my friends but I have fun online learning too. I can't go back to school right now because I have a little brother who has autism and an immune disorder so I have to stay safe and healthy for him. I like minecraft, roblox, walking dead, and G.T.A. I'm almost done with 7th grade. My mom and dad are friends and I like that a lot. I love my dad and my step-mom. I love my mom and Step-dad. They're all really good parents and I'm really excited to have another brother or sister! like a lot! My dad & step mom take me on cool vacations every year. Universal Studios is my favorite because Harry Potter world is there! I hope my new brother or sister can come too! Thank you for thinking about us! I really hope you chose my family! Thank you!

Dear Momma, you are so loved. so cared for. so...brave. You are making a choice many don't have the strength to do, and that makes you a rockstar! Always Remember, You are amazing! You are Kind! You are Worthy! Thank you for considering our family and our home for your baby. We will love him/her forever! We are open to all types of adoption; Open, Semi Open, Closed... It's your choice! You are the song in our hearts, and we are searching for the note that will complete our melody. We are here for you! --Always--

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Who We Are

Written By Heather:

Paul and I met in a Facebook group many years ago. I posted a silly photo of myself and he commented with an equally silly compliment, and we added each other as friends. And that's how we stayed for several years. Internet Best Friends. Until one night, Paul sent me a message to say "long time, no talk". I responded with the same. We talked into the night while realizing at the same time that we were both in simpler places in our lives and the spark that lit years ago had started to burn brighter. A few weeks later Paul told me that he had serious feelings for me and needed to know if I felt the same. I did. I was scared, but I decided to board a flight to go and meet him in real life. We figured, worst case scenario, we don't connect and get to stay best friends. Best case scenario, we grow closer.

As I got off the plane and saw him for the first time, my ear-to-ear smile just wouldn't disappear. He felt the same. He was so nervous he actually walked around the back of his car so he could take a second to breathe. From that first moment, that first hug, he held me, I knew right then and there this was always where I was meant to be. That day began a routine of flying and driving out to North Carolina every 2 weeks for quite a while until I decided to make the move permanently. And The rest is, as they say, history.
It was a crisp Thanksgiving afternoon when we spent the day with Paul's family, and also when he knew it was finally the moment for him to seal the deal. Him, just observing & watching me effortlessly blend into his family, Paul decided it was time to REALLY pop the question! Allow me to explain; Paul wrote a song for me as he does, long before this day wherein lied a line that I dismissed dozens of times as "just a lyric"...It was not. The line said "Will you marry, marry me I said Please, I can keep you happy, everyone loves it when you say yes, so please do." Boy was I oblivious! I truly thought it was just a song! (haha)

After Paul and I got home, I had fallen asleep, and shortly after he watched me drift off, he shook me back awake. As I groggily came to he said "Will You Marry Me?" A question he had been asking almost every day in word or song. As oblivious as Ii was thinking he was joking, this time he was persistent. My typical Answer of "yeah, babe" wasn't good enough. He knew I wasn't understanding that he was serious. He shook me again..." BABY! WILL. YOU. MARRY. ME? LIKE...FOR REAL!! I finally
understood what was happening. I jolted awake, jumped up and screeched "OMG! yes, yes! of course I will!" We both began to cry as he said "Do you have any idea that I've been actively trying to ask you to marry me for months now?" I laughed and cried and tried to cover my blushing; instantly being hit with all the times I had been so oblivious to his serious question.

We spent 18 months planning and covid-delaying our wedding, eventually eloping early because we just couldn't wait any longer. We still had our perfect, mountain top wedding, later on with 18 total guests. We exchanged our own written vows. (His were much better than mine) and I surprised everyone with a very special set of vows for my step-son, Parker. The best little man, and my best little buddy. Since then we moved into our new home. Started the adoption process, made it through our home study and finally began the journey to find our baby. Due to reproductive issues I was unable to have children. After a necessary total hysterectomy at age 28, I was devastated, however at the same time I realized that my life-long inner knowledge that my path to motherhood would be through adoption was finally going to come true.

And that's where we are now. And that's where you come in! We are prepared. We have a nursery 100% ready with everything on earth a baby would ever need. We are ready for this. We are ready for you. We are ready to bring our baby home. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our story and that you feel that our family will be the perfect place for your baby. We will love him/her forever. Xoxo.

Adoption Diary

Baby Fever

Some days I fight the urge to go into our 100% prepared nursery to keep the feelings of anxiousness at bay. Some days I stare into the nursery wondering when our baby will be sleeping in there. Some days I go in and just sit on the rug feeling hopeless, wondering if it will happen for us at all. And Some days I go in the nursery, hold different items thinking about how much time and love went into this room. How many weeks and hours we put into building this perfect little space for our future little one, smiling and with warm hopefulness. Today I decided to just play around,, making it a happy day! Every day is different. Adoption can be an emotional Rollercoaster! But the wait is most definitely worth it! I hope you’re out there momma. We’re waiting for you!

The way we love…

Paul and I have always had a very open and honest dialogue. The good, the bad and the ugly. We decided from day one that we would be honest to a fault. In doing so I believe we have had the great opportunity to really know what the other needs and wants from each other. We are big believers in the love languages. Paul’s primary love language is physical touch, secondary is quality time. I have an interesting mix,  however. I speak and receive love in differing ways. The love language I speak primarily is gifts. I take a deep pride in finding the perfect gift for anyone. I have an excellent memory and hold onto mundane or shrug off comments and maintain details in my mind so when I see something that reminds me if someone I’ll pick it up for them.  I’m a detail oriented person. I’m meticulous in everything. From the gift itself to the wrapping. However I receive and understand love as an even mix of quality time and physical touch. Because of our choice to be honest and bare our feelings it has allowed us to ensure the others “love tank” stays full.

We rarely argue about anything more than what to have for dinner or who’s turn it is to cook and take out the garbage. But whenever we have a disagreement we hold onto two solid principals. #1 we squash and squander the animosity immediately. We don’t allow resentment to brew amongst our home. We speak our truth and tell the other exactly how we feel. This has admittedly always come easier to Paul than myself. I have a tendency to place others feelings above my own and forget to ensure that I make my feelings known. Paul always finds a way to coax it out of me, however. And secondly, we NEVER go to bed angry. If something has occurred that needs to be dealt with wherein we find ourselves angry or hurt, we make it right. We curl up like pretzels, speak our peace rationally, cry if we need to, comfort the other, try to understand where each other is coming from and hash it out before it creates a problem.

Paul likes to brag that he has a super power. That he can make me smile even when I want to cry. He just smiles and says “look at me….common….look at me…” and try as I might to fight it I can’t help but smile too. Admittedly, this is just as infuriating as it is adorable but I just can’t stay mad at him. Besides. I tend to be the cry over split milk person so generally I’m moody over stupid things like hair from shaving in the sink and water droplets on the floor after stepping on them in socks. (I’m also easily fixed with food, feed me and I’m happy again…hehe) Luckily, I am also quick to realize just how dumb I was to be upset over such a trivial thing such as that and quickly move on. Paul is like the quiet amongst the storm. While incredibly and unfailingly kind and gentle as he is, when the crap hits the fan, its Paul who can hold strong. He can stay logical while I wear my heart on my sleeve. In other words I’m the gas pedal and he’s the brakes. I’m the social butterfly and he’s the strong silent type with an emotional variety that is both commendable and comforting.

I know that this may come off as disingenuous to say that we’ve got it all figured out. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. We’re not perfect. Not even close. And I’m highly skeptical of anyone who claims to be otherwise. But when I say we always figure it out. And quickly. That’s the 100% truth. We’re perfectly imperfect and compliment each other in every aspect of our lives. We’re the epitome of Ying and yang. We balance each other out in a meaningful way that allows us to not only rely & depend on each other’s strengths, but are both prepared to handle the fallout if the other is in crisis. We have a rule we live by when we are not okay. When we need to rant. When we need to be angry and cry. Not because of something the other has done but just in general life scenarios. When either one of us is up on knots and needs to release it all. We ask the other, “Do you want solutions or comfort?” In a time where emotional variety is more appealing than monotony, we are sure to be the support instead of the answer. Because you don’t always want suggestions. You don’t want them to try and fix it. Sometimes you just need to feel. The live in that beautiful and sometimes scary melancholy of all that has happened and just want to be held. And I am proud to have such an equal give and take marriage. A relationship where we allow the other to feel and say what they need to while also respecting each other, and knowing it’s okay to be sad, to be angry, to just not be…okay. Learning how to decipher how to love the other and assess each other’s needs is an ever growing learning experience and we are lucky enough to get to take the journey to betterment together.

Love is a fickle thing. You gotta feed, water and nurture your love; your relationships. Speak your truth and take life as it comes; knowing when the other needs support over solutions and how to live them is a life long process. I’m just so glad I get to take this road with the love of my life, and learn how to love him better every day.

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