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Paul & Heather

Blended Family of Rockers, Ink Masters, Gamers & Nerds Searching The Galaxy To Find Our Baby! Open To All Adoption Types

Well, Hey There Momma! You are one brave, strong & courageous soul, & we're so happy you found us! We know this may be a scary time in your life but we’re here for you the whole way! We are Paul, Heather & Parker. We are fun-loving, super nerd family in North Carolina looking to grow our family through adoption! We’re Home Study approved and ready for our little comic book hero; searching the galaxy for the two little feet that will change our world!

When it comes to having fun we really know how to get down! We love music, movies, games, & travel! Our love for one another guides us in everything we do. Knowing that in a world where you can be anything, we choose to be kind. We believe in fairness, openness, gratitude, equality; never judging a book by its cover. We have a love affair with Star Wars, Disney, Zombies, & The Beach! Paul is a musician, Heather works in radio, & Parker is learning to play guitar & spends his time rocking out or gaming out in his purple gamer room.

We are on this journey because we want to grow our family. Heather isn't able to have children, & while Paul was greatly blessed with Parker, whom Heather loves like her own, we would love nothing more than to have another child in our home. We’re open to all types of adoption; Open, Semi-Open, Closed…It’s your choice! We want you to know that while we would love to love your little one for the rest of our lives, above all, our hearts cry is for your happiness & we’re here for YOU! Your choice will change all our lives forever!

You are our Rockstar, The Song in Our Hearts…Will you be the note that completes our melody?

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Who We Are

Written By Heather:
Paul and I met in a facebook group many years ago. I posted a silly picture of myself and he commented with an equally silly compliment and we added each other as friends and that’s how we stayed for several years; Internet best friends. Once night Paul sent me a message to say “Hey! Long time no talk”. I responded with the same and we talked into the night. There was something about that night that felt different. We both felt it. It felt…Right. That night sparked a flame that just continued to burn brighter as we spoke every day. We finally decided to meet in person and I flew out to North Carolina for the first time and from that first moment together, we knew it was always meant to be this way. A few months later I moved out to NC and the rest is history. We married in 2019, with a later wedding in 2020 after the peak of the pandemic.

From the first moment I met Parker I knew my life would never be the same. I was nervous to meet him so soon, I didn’t want to be someone that walked into and then out of his life, but…that was never going to be the case. I fell in love. With his giggles, his sweet smile, his big blue eyes that could melt even the coldest of hearts. Parker was The Best “little” man at our wedding, with Heather having a special surprise set of vows just for him that left everyone in tears. After spending 2 years in a small rental, we finally found our home! We love it here. It’s warm, open, and has plenty of space to run around and make memories with a beautiful view of the Mountain Peaks! Our love story and the story of our little family is a special one; a unique, one of a kind and beautiful story that continues to evolve and grow.

Since we have settled into our home we have started our Adoption Journey. We made it through our home study and finally began the road to find our baby. Due to reproductive issues, I (Heather) was never able to have a baby. After a hysterectomy at age 28, though devastated at the time. It helped me realize that my life long dream of being a mommy would mean that my path to motherhood would be through adoption. And that’s where we are now. And that’s where you come in! We are prepared! We have a perfect little elephant themed nursery 100% ready with everything a baby would ever need. We are ready for this. We are ready for you. We are ready to bring our baby home. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our story and if you feel that our family would be the prefect place for your baby we promise to love them forever. To protect them and care for them forever. To allow them to become the best versions of themselves and never hold them back from whoever they want to become in life.

We can't wait to hear from you. Love, Heather, Paul & Parker

Adoption Diary

Mother’s Day…

Today is a rough day for me. (Heather)
A day that is an annual reminder of how long I have yearned to be a mother. A day that despite all the love I have for my mother and I while wish my sisters well, cuts like a knife into my very soul. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have a mother’s day. I hope. I pray. I wish. I plead with the universe to bring those two magical feet to our life that will change our world forever and change my name to mommy. How long I have waited to hear that word. The longing and cry in my heart is a burden I wish upon none. But despite all the hurt and tears that Mother’s day brings to my life, I have to keep an open heart and believe that out there…somewhere is you. The woman who will make my dream of motherhood a reality. I will fiercely love your baby. Forever and always. And even though you are placing your baby for adoption…I want you to know that you too, will ALWAYS have a mother’s day. For you will always be a mother. And our hearts will be united as one maternal force to be reckoned with. I can’t wait to meet you. Hug you and build a bond that just continues to strengthen with time. I’ll be here…waiting for you. Happy Mothers Day.

Paul’s Birthday Mania!!

Today isn’t as much as a diary entry but more of a daily update/status post! Paul’s 40th Birthday was great! We celebrated with friends and family. Ate Latino food, had cake and gifts, and finished the week off with a surprise I got for Paul! A trip to Cbarlotte to see his favorite basketball team, The Chicago Bulls play the Charlotte Hornets! And…THE BULLS WON!!!  120-99!! Yahoo!!! It had a blast! We ate dinner tonight at an INCREDIBLE fully vegan restaurant in Charlotte called Luna’s Living Kitchen! We loved it so much! Everything was delicious! We had a wonderful day and I know Paul started his 40’s off amazing! I love you baby! This is gonna be the best year of your life. I know we will find our baby! And momma…if you’re out there…we’re still waiting for you and we already love you so much!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Paul & Heather

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Paul & Heather