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Nate and I grew up just a few houses apart. Nate was best friends with my older sister, Whitlie. Lucky for me, she let me tag along and hang out with her and her friends even though I was 3 years younger. I always thought Nate was a cute boy, but I was pretty shy, and we didn't interact much.

​I went to Utah State for my freshman year of college. Nate was attending school at BYU a few hours away from me. I saw him at a few gatherings at my sister’s house and we slowly started talking more and more. After my freshman year at Utah State, I came home for the summer. Nate was also living at home for the summer, and that's when our dating life really began. We started spending every day together, and I decided to continue my education at Utah Valley University since Nate was attending BYU and these schools were closer together. We both moved to Provo for the fall semester and continued spending every second we could with each other.

By the time fall semester ended and the holidays arrived, we had talked in depth about moving forward with our relationship. We really loved each other and decided we wanted to get married. Nate proposed on Christmas day with quite an elaborate scheme. I traveled around Alpine to all of our favorite spots, collecting clues and memories in a sort of scavenger hunt. It ended with a rose-covered little trailer that he had all set up in the spot where we had our first kiss. (I was so grateful for the warm trailer, because it was cold!). He knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! Nate is the best decision I've ever made.

We have been married for 10 years in May. We are surrounded by family, it wouldn't be a normal day if a grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle or cousin didn't drop by to say hello. Nate works from his home office in our basement as a Technical Integration Manager for a payments company. McKell is a busy stay at home mom. She loves volunteering at both of her kid’s schools. We love creating, exploring and building together. Both of our boys have entered the world of sports, which has become some of our favorite family times cheering each other on! We absolutely love birthdays, boating, Legos, and spending time together.

Words that describe Nate: Soccer, outdoors, trail running, slalom skiing, BYU, projects, expert YouTuber, handy man, good friend, boating, kind, ESPN, computers (Mac), camping, exercising, ice cream, MBA, buying second hand, Cadbury eggs, Santiago, Lake Powell, road trips, HIS BOYS.

Words that describe McKell: planning, organization, mom-ing, Christmas cards, birthdays, TEACHING, projects, learning, girl time, fashion, shopping, boating, hiking, reading, children’s books, scrapbooking, memories, HG SURVIVOR, swimming, journaling, the zoo, Lake Powell, my family ranch, date night, matching, weddings, sunshine, morning snuggles with my boys, packing cubes, Disney Plus, cleaning, decorating, holidays, gift giving, chocolate chip cookies, heated blankets.

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Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have lived in our home for a few years now and absolutely love it! In making our decision to purchase the home, we wanted to ensure it would be an ideal place for kids. We picked a safe street and our home is located at the top of a cul-de-sac. We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by younger families which makes playing with friends easy and close. There is always a group of kids playing basketball, soccer, or football in the afternoons. We are blessed to have a beautiful backyard where the kids can spend hours playing in the sandbox, swinging on the play-set, or helping us grow a small garden. Inside our home, we recently finished our basement and tailored it to our kids. We have an indoor trampoline the kids can bounce around on. We have a whole wall dedicated to reading books. Most recently, we built Lego tables for our boys to engineer their Lego creations. We are fortunate to live close to family and between birthday celebrations, holidays, and sporting events we get together often. McKell has three siblings and Nate has five, all of which live within a short driving distance. Our boys have seven cousins on the Dennis side, three on the Murdoch side, and four puppy cousins. Our kids attend wonderful schools in a very inclusive community. We absolutely love where we live.


adoptive family photo - McKell I was born in American Fork, UT and spent my childhood in Highland, UT. I am the second of four kids. I have an older sister and two younger brothers. Growing up, we lived on a secluded lot surrounded by horse pastures. We always owned at least one dog and a few horses. I spent most of my childhood playing with my brothers and sister, exploring my yard, and loving on animals.

When I was 12, we moved to Alpine, Utah. This is when I met my Nate for the first time, never even considering how much that would change my future. I was excited to move to Alpine; I love new beginnings and have learned to embrace change. I made some lifelong friendships with girls in my church ward and at school, and loved being in Alpine for the rest of my growing up years. I worked several different jobs and loved the independence of making my own money. During high school, I worked as a nanny, a UPS store sales associate, and a golf course hostess.

​My passion has always been teaching children. I was always searching for ways to spend my time with kids. My mom ran a preschool, and I arranged to get school credit for teaching with my mom. It was by far the most rewarding “class” I ever took and created some of my favorite memories. After high school, I knew I wanted to become an elementary school teacher. I spent the next 4 years studying elementary education, all while dating, (re)finding Nate, and planning a wedding. I taught 3rd grade after graduating from UVU and loved every minute of it. My students became my children, and we had a closely knit "classroom family." We learned to love each other and embrace one another's strengths and weaknesses. When I became pregnant with Bryant, I put my school teacher dream on hold to focus on raising my two beautiful boys. I'm the luckiest!


adoptive family photo - Nate ​​Nate was born and spent most of his youth in Orem, Utah. He ran around his neighborhood with a group of boys who introduced him to soccer, which became a major part of his life growing up. When he wasn’t playing soccer, he was riding around the neighborhood on his Redline BMX bike (which he still proudly owns) or playing with one of his 5 sisters. His family moved to Alpine when he started junior high (thankfully because, this is how we ended up meeting). He found another impressive group of young men that have become lifelong friends. He continued to have a passion for soccer and even ended up with a high school state championship during his junior year. He was a part of the high school drum line and took several AP classes. During his senior year, he was on student council and loved being involved.

After high school, he attended Brigham Young University for his freshman year before leaving on a two-year mission in Santiago, Chile for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Nate returned home in the summer of 2009, went back to school at BYU, and in 2010 our love story began.

Nate and I dated most of 2010 and were married May of 2011. After we were married, Nate finished his undergrad at BYU, worked for Goldman Sachs for five years, and got his MBA from the University of Utah. During his studies, we welcomed two beautiful babies into our world and bought our first home that has become our sanctuary. Just 6 months after we bought our house, we decided we needed some more space for our boys to play. Nate finished our basement, with the help of amazing friends and family, in just over 5 months. He is currently working full-time for a processing platform company, where he is a Technical Integration Manager for their American market. Nate is always a husband and father first, but is so good at wearing all kinds of hats. He juggles the title of Husband, DAD, Technical Integration Manager, Exercise Enthusiast, and Executive Secretary for our church (that's a lot of hats!), and he does it well. He makes our family the happiest.
Nate is our provider and protector. He is a devoted husband and our kid's daddy. He is compassionate and patient. The best word that describes him is LOYAL. He always keeps his promises and gets things done. Nate is trustworthy and a fantastic friend. He's always looking to help those in need and never bats an eye at his own agenda. The words I hear most from him are "How can I help?". This makes him a fantastic father and my best friend.

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