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Crissy & Brian

Hello from North Central Florida! We are a fun filled, laid back family with so much love to give!

It wasn't until we became parents that we discovered it was our favorite thing in the world and it is definitely our calling. There are many reasons we wish to adopt with the foremost being that we wish to give a child unconditional love, support and opportunities. We are Brian (42) and Crissy (41) and live in Gainesville, FL. We have an amazing 6 year old daughter named Karlyn and a rescued 2.5 year old American Foxhound mix named Dunkin. We live in a college town that, surprisingly, is an amazing place to raise a family. There are so many family friendly events and resources for children by living near a large university. We love to travel, visit the beach, go camping, fishing, hiking and ride roller coasters! Karlyn is so excited to have a younger brother or sister. We have a very supportive network of family and friends nearby that are there for us if we need anything.

We are patient and flexible and are open to any amount of contact that you are comfortable with. We do not have a preference for a certain sex or race.

We want to promise you that if chosen, we will provide your child unconditional love, support them in all their hopes and dreams, teach them healthy habits, read them books every night, schedule playdates and enroll them in activities that match their passions whether that be sports, music, or art. They, along with Karlyn, will always be our number one priority.

We want to wish the best for you in your pregnancy and decision. Thank you for reading about us.

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Who We Are

-Met in college at the University of Florida

-Been together for 17 years, married for 12

-One biological daughter, Karlyn (just turned 6)

-One dog, Dunkin (2.5) american foxhound mix

- We are super stable - Crissy has been at her job for 19 years and Brian for 5. Lived in our home for 16 years.

-Vehicles: 2010 Toyota Prius and 2015 Ford F-150


Brian and I were in the same extended group of friends in college We'd run into each other here and there at parties or out on the town throughout the years. We both were often dating other people. Later as our group of friends still in town grew smaller, we started seeing more of each other. Our love story began then and there. Brian drew me in by his sense of humor, his ambitions to become an engineer and his honest and kind soul. We fell in love and moved in together but we needed more space for us and our adopted dalmation/siberian husky mix, Beefy. We decided to buy a piece of land and build our first home. We did the painting, flooring and tiling ourselves. This was a true test of our relationship and if we could get through this, we knew we could get through anything. It was a wonderful experience and we got married on our property in 2009 with our closest family and friends on hand. Karlyn was born in 2014 and is the light of our lives. We are able to provide her experiences that we never had as children. We own rental properties and enjoy repairing and remodeling homes. Our little family is no drama, hard working, prioritizes family and education. Our strength is that we work through any problem or struggle together. We've struggled to get pregnant again with no success and it would be high risk as my first was, we know adopting is right decision.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Crissy & Brian

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Crissy & Brian