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We have known each other for 11 years and have been married for 9. We met at the office. Steve was working as an insurance agent and Kim worked part time as a secretary while in law school. For our first date, Steve took Kim to a Yankees playoff baseball game. Steve is a huge sports fan. Kim never watched a game in her life, but was excited to learn about something new, and spend time with such a great guy!
Both Kim and Steve grew up on Long Island, New York. We were lucky to have warm and loving families. Our siblings and parents still live in New York and we share a close relationship with them. In fact, Steve’s sister lives on the next street and our backyards connect to each other! We spend most weekends together, cooking, swimming, playing games and laughing.
Both of us would tell you that we had an instant connection to one another. Kim loved Steve’s hilarious sense of humor and the way he made her laugh. Steve loved Kim’s warm smile and spicy attitude. We were married after a year and half of dating and spent the first few years saving for a house and traveling as much as we could. We love visiting new places and experiencing new things. Hawaii, Florida, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Upstate New York, Toronto, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Mexico, Honduras, Spain, Italy, and France are a few of the places we have visited in the last few years.
In 2017, Steve made the bold decision to start his own business and Kim climbed through the ranks at a small law firm. While we wanted to start a family as soon as we purchased our first home, we had fertility trouble. Finally, after 4 years we were blessed with our daughter who is now three. We were so excited to be parents and could not to have more children. Unfortunately, health complications after our daughter's birth made us unable to have more biological children. This experience has led us to adoption. While the process of growing our family looks different than we first imagined, we are no less excited to have another child through adoption! Having life throw challenges our way has taught us that not everything is always perfect, but that does not make the journey any less amazing. We still live life to its fullest, love and laugh everyday. Here's to our next adventure of becoming a family of four (or more)!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live on Long Island, in New York, in a beautiful home with an acre of property and a fenced-in pool. What I love most about our home is how our kitchen opens up to our living room so I can see our daughter playing and working on her next art project while I prepare dinner. I also love our finished basement which has a move theatre, complete with a popcorn machine and a big playroom where we can really spread out and have fun.
As nice as our home is, our neighborhood is really the best part of where we live. We love to go on adventures. Kim is always looking for fun things to do and is a member of several local activity groups that always make great suggestions for family fun. In the summer, we spend our down time at the beach, going to the zoo, barbecuing with friends and family, hiking and swimming in our pool. In the cooler months, we enjoy pumpkin and apple picking, watching movies, ice skating, going to museums, doing arts and crafts and cooking! Our neighborhood offers one of the best school districts in the area. The class sizes are small and the students are given individualized attention.
We have lots of friends and family living nearby which provides for additional love and support all year round.


adoptive family photo - Kimberly About Kimberly as told by Stephen....

I first met Kim at work. I knew from the start that we would spend the rest of our lives together. The highlight of my day was when she walked in to the office each day. Everyone in our office was in awe of how intelligent, beautiful, nice and caring a person she was. I thank goodness everyday that eleven years later I still get to see her light up a room when she enters it.

The day we got married was one of the happiest days of my life since I married my best friend. Our love only grew when we welcomed our daughter. We could not wait to have more children and fill our home with little footsteps and giggles. Unfortunately, we were never able to have more children. But just because we may not be able to have more biological children doesn’t mean we are done growing our family. Kim spearheaded our research about private adoption and soon became an expert, sharing all that she learned with me. It gave us both hope that adoption would make our dreams come true. As always, she was on it and began doing everything we needed to do to get ready to welcome another child through adoption.

How in the world she plans our adoption, works full-time, helps me with my business, and yet never misses a bedtime story, bath time, or family dinner is remarkable. She always has a smile on her face and handles every challenge with such grace.

Kim loves to play and is so imaginative. She studied music and drama and that love of theatre has certainly never left her! She sings, dances and plays "pretend" as often as she can. As I am writing this, I am laughing thinking of Kim and our daughter waltzing around the room imitating Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing at the ball.

While I am always ready to read a book to our daughter, Kim will tell a story from memory and make it even more fun using props and different voices to bring the story to life.

She really is the most amazing mother in the world and I know for sure our daughter knows it as well. She depends on her, she counts on her to be present and that shows by the way she looks at her! The same way I do. I know she will be just as loving and adoring to our second child.

I hope my words have expressed how truly amazing my wife is. There is no doubt she is a wonderful person. We cannot wait to add another child to our family!


adoptive family photo - Stephen About Stephen As told by Kimberly...

I first met my husband, Steve, when we worked together at the same insurance agency. I was instantly attracted to his infectious smile and his great sense of humor. His desk was on the other side of the office and I would hear him cracking jokes, quoting movie lines and begin giggling myself. He would have the whole office laughing and brightened everyone's day with his laughter, kindness and generosity. We (scandalously lol) began dating and were engaged within one year. We were married a few months before I graduated law school.

Steve is a wonderful father and is very hands-on. He laughs, he gets down on the floor and plays with our daughter's toys, he is never above pretending to be an animal at the Zoo or dressing up as a princess, he reads books to her at night and stays with her until she falls asleep. He enjoys sharing his favorite things with our daughter, particularly his love for sports! He is always the life of the party and likes hosting friends and family. While I am the cook of our family, Steve has a few special treats including his family’s spaghetti and meatball with Sunday sauce recipe, passed down from generations! Whenever he cooks for us, the whole house is filled with the delicious aroma of tomatoes and garlic simmering for hours in our kitchen. It’s my favorite meal to share with him because I know it’s made from the heart.

Steve loves our daughter with all that he is. She giggles with delight when she sees him and ends every day by shouting “love you dada!” I know he will be the same amazing father to our next child!

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