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We met online, so our first date was brunch since neither of us wanted to commit to a full dinner date. However, we both knew after that first date that we were going to get married.

We have been together for 10 years. Those years have been filled with the most incredible moments, like our trip to Europe, rescuing our dog, time with our family, mountain biking, getting married and buying our house. During those years we have also supported each other through many challenges, like job changes, my grandfather passing away, and family illnesses. Most importantly, we have grown together by supporting each other over the past decade.

Josh proposed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, which is a special place for our family. My family has been going there on vacation for over 15 years. We always look forward to riding ATVs in the sand dunes on the beach so that is where Josh proposed. It was perfect, doing something we truly love with family there to see the proposal. Our wedding took place at the Santa Barbara courthouse with our immediate family and then we had a big brunch party with all our family and friends. We can honestly say that we had so much fun planning our wedding because we made it a family activity. We had so much fun celebrating with all our family and friends!

We didn’t get married until 3 years ago when we decided to buy our house and start a family. Before that, we were together because we truly just wanted to be together. Once we were both established in our careers and happy with where we were in our lives, we started talking about what we wanted our future to look like. We both agreed that we wanted to establish roots near family by buying a house. We were not sure if we were going to have a family, but after I started talking to Josh about my long-time desire to adopt, we both felt excited to start this journey!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a suburb outside of Los Angeles, the same area that Kacy grew up in and where almost her entire family still lives today.

Our town is the best of both worlds - a small, tight knit community and close to the city where there is so much to do. We love that there are lots of outdoor activities to do right by us, like hiking at the beach, mountain biking or walking to local restaurants from our house.

Our house is on a double cul-de-sac with a park at one end and there’s a pre-school and elementary school next to the park. Our neighbors are all nice, quiet and some even have young children. Our house backs up to a hill so we don’t have any neighbors behind us, just a nice big backyard. Inside, our house has lots of space for family gatherings, a guest room, a home office to allow us to work from home at times and of course a room for a nursery. We love cooking and our kitchen is open to our family room so we can cook and enjoy spending time with people that we have over.


adoptive family photo - Kacy I was born and raised in southern California by parents who were high school sweethearts. From day one, I loved to be busy. I loved to be outdoors, ride my mini ATV, bike, grow strawberries and play with my younger brother and dogs. Most of my extended family lived nearby when I was growing up so weekends were almost always spent with grandparents or cousins.

I went to undergrad at the University of California, Davis and majored in clinical nutrition and minored in psychology. I’m passionate about my work as a dietitian treating eating disorders and I am grateful that I will have flexibility in my schedule to spend time with my child as well. I can’t wait to share my love of food with my child, nurture whatever interests they have, and hopefully share a love for the outdoors and animals with them!


adoptive family photo - Josh I was born in Berkeley, CA and raised in the Walnut Creek in the East Bay Area, a 45-minute drive from San Francisco, CA. My parents are from New Jersey, so I had a combination of the East Coast and West Coast in my upbringing. I worked hard in school and was a good student because I wanted to make sure I could go to a good college. My true passion as a kid was sports. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, I was either playing an organized sport or playing a sport with my friends in the neighborhood or at a local park. I also loved all kinds of music including country, rap and hard rock and played piano when I was a kid.

I went to college at UCLA and studied history and economics. I had a great time and built friendships that are still really close 20 years later. I am a commercial real estate broker and truly love my job. I get to interact with people all day long. My job is challenging and no two days are the same. I have an incredible amount of flexibility because I am my own boss, so I can work from home for at least half the week!

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Kacy & Josh

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