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We're filmmakers living in New York City. We love traveling the world to film different cultures and share their knowledge with others!

We also run a series of film studios in the city and have renovated beautiful historic houses and gardens to call home. We live in a diverse and family-oriented neighborhood in the city but spend the weekends at our place in the country – we have the best of both worlds! Parks and good schools close by in the city as well as all the fun and excitement during the week, but we love to escape to kick back and relax on weekends, planting a vegetable garden, hiking in the mountains, taking our boat out on the river, and bike riding. The only thing missing is a child to treasure, hold close and share it all with!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We are blessed to have an ideal setup, with a large loft apartment in the city, and a gorgeous historic home an hour away in the country, overlooking mountains and a river. Your child will have the best of both worlds: all the culture, great schools, and excitement of the big city, and the wonders of nature, relaxation and exploring the countryside!


adoptive family photo - Kat Meet Kat, by Andrew.

I guess it goes without saying, but Kat is the love of my life. She is one of those rare and beautiful people who cares so deeply for the world she lives in, and all the creatures in it.

Especially cats! : ) Our first apartment together had an overgrown backyard that we converted into a beautiful green space, and soon after a street cat started sleeping there. This cat was absolutely feral and wouldn’t let anyone approach here – you could tell she’d never experienced love let alone been inside a home! Over two years, Kat fed the cat and slowly gained her trust. She bought her a heated cat house for the winter since kitty was too afraid to come inside! We watched this skinny little cat come to life, start to look healthy and become so attached to Kat… and over time she came inside and turned into a regular house cat! Five years late, she now lives with us and is part of the family. When I think about Kat’s spirit, her gentle caring for those around her, I know that when we have a child that same spirit of unconditional love will blossom and that she will be the best mother in the whole world.

She is also a gifted writer, designer, radio producer and filmmaker, with an insatiable appetite for learning and creativity. I feel very lucky that we share a common interest in media creation and journalism, and we’ve worked on producing films and creating multimedia exhibits together. One of the best things about our marriage to me is that she is constantly pushing me to learn, to work on creative projects, to read books instead of watching TV, and to always be curious about the world around me. She is a committed, lifelong learner, and has not one, not two, but THREE Ivy League Masters degrees! The girl is super smart, to put it mildly : ) I know that she will teach our child to be curious about our world, and give the gift of joy in learning.

Another thing we share is a love of world travel. We’ve both been around the world, and we’re never happier than when we’re exploring a new place together. We have gotten lost together exploring the streets of Paris, the Serengeti of Tanzania, the beaches of Zanzibar, medieval villages in Italy (where her parents live and we got married) and so many other places! One of the reasons we are so excited to have a child is that we look forward to traveling the world with them, and sharing the joy of new discovery, exploration and new cultures!

We both are lucky to have flexible schedules, and I know she will dedicate her life to spending as much quality time as possible bonding with our child and sharing the wonders of the world with him or her!


adoptive family photo - Andrew Meet Andrew, by Kat.

Andrew is the most dynamic, energetic, can-do person you could meet, and I feel grateful every day that I get to spend with him. Andrew is so many things – an amazing cook (he does all the cooking and grocery shopping!), gardener, photographer, a patient listener, a spontaneous adventurer as well as a careful planner. Between us we have all the bases covered, and as a team I know we can meet any any challenge, seeing it as an opportunity to grow.

Recently there was a tornado near where we spend the weekends that knocked out all the power. As soon as he heard, Andrew jumped in the car and drove up, moved our backyard grill to the middle of the main street, and grilled up a massive seafood dinner each night for three nights so people had food to eat while the power was down, and a place to meet with neighbors and feel some love. That’s typical Andrew, always ready to drop what he’s doing to help someone else. I know he will make the loving father a child can count on.

Through all of it we continue to learn together – taking Spanish language and ukulele classes together this summer, gaining our certification to pilot a boat together, exercising and staying fit, cooking healthy food, taking care of two special kitties, and spending time with family and friends. Life feels so full when you have a soulmate to share it with. We’re lucky to have so much, and want to share it with a child, a little one to nurture and give the best possible things to.

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