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Joanna & Matt

Teacher + Musician + little addition, hoping to grow again soon!

As you figure out your journey (whatever it may be) we hope that you have support and love each step of the way. All options take courage and unimaginable sacrifice, and we respect whatever you decide for yourself and your little one. We are honored that you are taking the time to get to know us.

We are Matt and Joanna. We've been married for 10 years - together for 11, and it gets better all the time. We are a partnership marriage - equal and striving always to meet each other's needs, support dreams, and build each other up. We love each other, but we also actually really like each other. Day to day, the hard and the easy, the fun stuff and the not-so-fun stuff.

Our family grew 4 years ago through the gift of open adoption. We love our son's birth family, birth siblings, and the relationship that he has with each of them. Joanna is a 2nd-grade teacher, she is creative and passionate and LOVES people. Matt is a business owner and musician, as well as the kindest person you will ever meet. We have a YouTube channel that we run together called Hopscotch Songs (check us out on YouTube if you are curious). We enjoy hiking, going on walks, roller skating, reading, singing around the piano, eating cookies in the kitchen...or watching a show together after our son's bedtime. Our son is our world, and we look forward to expanding our hearts and home to another addition someday.

Family, people, and relationships are really important to us. We live in Utah at the moment but we are not sure where we will end up. We look forward to many more life adventures- each becoming richer with the beautiful gift of adoption and the incredible relationships with birth familiy. We wish you the best on your journey, whatever it may be!

This is from our son's birth mother: "I am the birth mother of Matt and Joanna’s first son, and I promise that if you are considering adoption that they are the best adoptive parents anyone could hope for. I have never seen more loving and attentive parents in my life than Matt and Joanna! If you are considering adoption, PLEASE consider them."
- Celeste, [mother, friend, birth mother]

If you end up deciding to place with us, we want to know what your hopes and dreams are for you and for your baby. We want to figure it out together. We want to be there for you.

Reach out with questions anytime!
Check out our website to learn more about us:
instagram @pacefam2010

All our love, Matt and Joanna (and a little guy who will make a great big brother somday).

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When I first saw Matt, I thought "He is really cute, and probably too cool for me, but I want to be friends with him." Matt and I met when we were going to college at BYU 11 years ago. He only said kind things about people, and he had a quiet confidence that was really comforting and wonderful to be around. I loved that about him. We became friends and eventually started dating. We were clueless about a lot of things, but I loved that we could talk about anything together and feel totally safe being ourselves. That continues today.

About a year after we got married (2010), my Crohn's disease started acting up. I was in a lot of pain and Matt was so supportive and loving as we worked through doctor's offices and surgeries. Even with everything going on, we felt so lucky to have each other. We grew closer through that hard time. When I got better, we traveled around Europe and started planning our careers. I started teaching Kindergarten and LOVED it, I have continued to love being a teacher.

After a few years of hoping for kids, we started seeing doctors for infertility. We got a surprise miracle in the form of adoption in 2016. Our life was forever changed as we became parents and grew our hearts to include our son and his birth family. We love our open adoption and the opportunity to be parents.

In our parenthood so far, Matt has been a "stay-at-home" parent for our son. In the last few years, Matt started our business (Hopscotch Songs) and we've loved that as an additional passion project and job.

Through all of the adventures, we are grateful to have each other and can't wait to see what is next for our family.

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Joanna & Matt

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Joanna & Matt