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Our Story

We met in 2009 on the dance floor at a local restaurant in our town. (Tom has some amazing moves!) We struck up a conversation and started dating soon after. From the beginning it was clear that we had so much in common and that we truly complemented each other—the yin to each other’s yang! We were engaged 5 years later and got married in 2015 with a massive, weekend-long celebration with all of our family and friends at a mountain resort in upstate New York.

When we discussed the dream of our family, adoption was a path that we felt drawn to from the very beginning. We both envisioned a large family and knew that we wanted adoption to play a role in building it. After trying to conceive for many years and facing some heartbreaking losses, we are excited to start our adoption journey to make our dreams of our family come true.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in Westchester, New York in an eclectic and diverse community. Our tight-knit neighborhood is filled with many young families. On any given day you will see kids riding their bikes or scooters and families walking their dogs past our home.

Our fenced in backyard is lined with trees which provide cool shade during the hot summer months and lots of leaves to jump in during the fall. Joanna loves to spend the Spring and Summer in her flower and vegetable gardens.

Our home is within walking distance to a town with restaurants and shops as well as a train that will take you into the city—making things like museums and shows just a quick train ride away. We are also walking distance to elementary schools, parks and playgrounds. Our area has lots of hiking trails, nature preserves and is centrally located to both beaches and mountains.

Joanna (In Tom's Words)

adoptive family photo - Joanna (In Tom's Words) This past summer Joanna found a group of caterpillars in our garden. She spent the afternoon building a cage from old chicken wire to guard them against the various birds that eat from her feeders. Joanna researched until she found they exclusively ate parsley, and then relocated some plants to ensure they would not go hungry. She checked on them every day until they eventually moved along on their journey towards becoming butterflies.

The way Joanna approached the caterpillars is how she approaches life. She is caring, thoughtful, and creative. Her curiosity to explore all things new, coupled with her drive to improve the world around her has made her a wonderful partner and what will make her an amazing mother.

Tom (In Joanna's Words)

adoptive family photo - Tom (In Joanna's Words) Tom has the most amazing laugh. It’s one of those BIG, full body laughs that quickly take over a room and brighten everyone’s day. There are so many things that I love about Tom— he’s smart, supportive, loyal, generous, and driven, but it’s his ability to make everyone laugh and feel at ease that I think is really special.

Not only is he FUN and FUNNY, but Tom is also a great listener and gives the most thoughtful advice. He is the first person you want to call when you’re having a rough day and when you need to talk through big, difficult decisions. He is my confidant, partner, and biggest cheerleader. It’s his ability to wear all of these different hats, that I know will make him a fantastic dad.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

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