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Meet Dan!

Meet Dan! “I grew up just south of Raleigh, North Carolina in a big family. I work as an Energy Analyst and help big companies determine cost-effective ways to handle the energy they are using in their businesses. I am a problem solver and life-long learner! After graduating from college, I went on to pursue two different master’s degrees and have worked in a variety of ways as an engineer. I love to travel with Libby and dream of all the places we’ll go as we continue to add to our bucket-list. One of my Read more »

Meet Libby!

“I was born and raised in North Carolina and grew up in a great town. I am a Spanish teacher at a local elementary school and teach children from kindergarten through 5th grade. Being a people person, I love getting to build relationships with my students, their families, and people I work with! When I’m not teaching, Read more »

Why are we adopting?

We came to adoption out of the overflow of love we have for each other and desire to grow our family. Adoption was not something we knew much about at first, but during our infertility journey, we decided to explore different options and educated ourselves during that time. After a better understanding, prayer and seeking Read more »

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Dan and Libby

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Dan and Libby