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We met online through a dating website, and both liked each other’s profile. We started emailing and then talking, and immediately hit it off. We spent every day texting, and talking and learning so much about each other. At the time Andrew lived in West Virginia and Laura was living in New Jersey. We were about 4 hours away from each other, but we both knew we needed to meet in person and see where this would take us. Andrew had never been to New York City and Laura was living in NJ which was a short train ride away from the NYC. So we set a date to meet in person. Andrew drove to NJ for the weekend and we met at the local Applebee’s for the first time and had dinner. We connected immediately and the next day took the train into NYC and walked around, Laura was a tour guide showing Andrew the sites. We ventured to the Madame Tso wax museum and had a blast touring the wax figures. We had a great dinner at an Italian restaurant in Times Square and took lots of pictures and selfies together. On the train ride back to NJ we both knew we didn’t want the night to end so we went out for ice cream (and learned we have the same favorite….Cookies n Cream!) and then to a late night movie. Conversations came easy and the time just flew by, we just couldn’t seem to say good bye. On our last day together we ventured to the local St Patrick’s Day parade. Laura was a little nervous because her family and friends were also going to be at the parade and she didn’t want it to be too soon for Andrew to meet them. But Andrew instantly said if they are important people to your life then I better get used to them because they will be a part of mine. Andrew came to NJ most weekends and we just continued to grow in love. Andrew than made the decision to move to NJ to be closer to Laura. A few months later we got engaged. Andrew surprised Laura by blind folding her and bringing her to the park where they first shared “I love you.” He designed the engagement ring for Laura to be a part of him as well. Its diamond setting has side sapphires which is meaningful because the sapphire is Andrew birth stone. Andrew and Laura’s dream is to one day pass the ring onto their children as a family heirloom. We immediately shared the news with our loved ones and the wedding planning began.

Our wedding was one of the best days of our lives. We met on March 8th and two years later got married on March 7th. We had a lot of family and friends flying, and driving in for the wedding, and two days before we had a 10 inch snow storm. Thankfully everyone was able to change plans and still make the wedding safely. We were married in Laura’s childhood Church, in the presence of 150 of our closest family and friends. Although the snow was initially an added stress, it made for a beautiful back ground for wedding photos. . We ate and danced the night away and soaked up every moment we could. Everyone commented on what an amazing wedding and an amazing couple!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We look forward to sharing our hearts and home, with your child. Our neighbors are friendly, and Andrew can often be found outside cutting the grass and often chatting. Our neighbors are helpful during the winter months with snow plowing the sidewalks in the neighborhood. We look forward to having in our yard a swing set, slides, and play sets for your child to grow up with playing on. The best part is we live close to Laura’s mom and step dad, and they have a pool that all the family loves to enjoy in the summer months.

The Christmas Holiday season is all about being with family and creating amazing memories together. We love to be festive and to decorate our home inside and outside. We have three nephews Jared, Brian, and Lucas and a niece Rebecca that love to come to Aunt Laura and Uncle Andrews to help decorate. It is a special day spent decorating the tree, hanging the lights outside, and putting all the decorations throughout the house. There is always a “discussion” about who gets to be able to be the one to put the star on the tree. When the decorating is complete we all cozy up with hot chocolate, homemade cookies and watch Christmas movies with the kids.
We love to create everlasting memories for the kids as they grow up. For Birthday and Christmas gifts we ask the kids to pick experiences they want to do, and we then pick an experience as their gift. We feel that spending quality time and creating lasting memories are the greatest of gifts. Laura loves to find creative ways to “wrap” the experience gift. We love to see their surprised faces. We have taken the kids on cruise vacations to the Caribbean, water parks, Trampoline Park, movies, painting party, zoo, whale and dolphin watching, sporting live events, circus, Disney on ice, Broadway shows, concerts, special sleep overs, and so much more. We look forward to being able to incorporate the experience gift giving to your child as they grow up. And the cousins can’t wait to join in all the fun.
Christmas Eve is a big tradition in Laura’s family. This holds a special place in Laura’s heart because it was her Grandma Agnes’s traditions that were followed. Grandma Agnes recently passed away and Laura’s extended family continue to cherish those traditions and spend Christmas Eve together. There is always a spread of food that includes homemade soup, fish, chicken, pierogis, rice, vegetables, breads and baked goods such as cookies, rice pudding, pies, and homemade chocolates to enjoy. The family will exchange gifts and relax around the Christmas tree. Then the fun starts with some type of “show”. The family will plan a fun activity to do on Christmas Eve together, from Karaoke, Charades, and silly fun activities. It always brings lots of laughs and tons of fun. Laura grew up Catholic and the end of Christmas Eve was spent going to Midnight Mass with her Grandmother. It was a special tradition that Laura and Andrew got to share with her Grandmother until she was no longer able to go.
Christmas morning we spend together opening gifts from each other. Andrew is a great gift giver. He takes a lot of pride and joy in picking out practical and special gifts for Laura. Two that come to mind, the practical gift an instata pot, and the special gift a beautiful and unique necklace that Laura cherishes. Laura’s dad Dave will come over for Christmas morning breakfast and exchange what are always very thoughtful gifts with us. Laura is usually busy baking and cooking food to bring over to her mom’s Cathy, for Christmas dinner.
Laura and Andrew spend Christmas Day with extended family on her mom’s side. When walking into her childhood home it just all the smells of Christmas, cookies, pies, and Italian food. The family all makes different food to bring and share. Laura’s mom Cathy has carried on her family traditions and makes the homemade raviolis every year. Laura, her sisters, and the grandkids will come over a couple days before Christmas to help make the raviolis from scratch (her great great grandmother’s recipe). Cathy loves to have the family over and all the grandkids to exchange gifts and celebrate the holiday together as a family. We believe that it is the children of the family that make Christmas so special. Seeing their faces light up and the excitement as they talk about what they got from Santa under the tree that year brings us great joy. We love to spoil our niece and nephews and are often found playing with the kids and their new toys and just sharing in the excitement. Christmas is about creating lots of precious memories together as a family and to carry on the family traditions that are so important to us. Although we are filled with joy at celebrating with all the adults and children, we yearn to include a child of our own in these celebrations.


adoptive family photo - Laura Laura grew up New Jersey and lived in the same family home throughout her childhood. She grew up with two sisters, Erica and Jessica. Laura is the middle child, and as the middle child she got to have her own unique special relationship as she was both the older and the younger sister. Laura was able to learn and grow from both her sisters and share many memories growing up. From holidays, to playing Barbie’s, sharing clothes, dance parties, bike rides, and playing at the park. Laura’s parents Cathy and Dave divorced but were both extremely attentive parents when raising Laura. Cathy remarried and Laura also has a step-dad John that helped raise her. Her parents have instilled in Laura respect, trust, hard work, and lots of love. Her family was very close and would have dinner together at night to regroup and discuss each other’s day. Andrew and I hope to carry through with this same tradition when we become parents. This special time together was something my sisters and I looked forward to. This quality time together was also evident with her extended family around the holiday and vacations. Laura has a large extended Italian family that loves to get together for just about any reason.
Laura was involved in many activities growing up such as cheerleading, and playing softball. Laura was smart and applied herself in her academics. She prides herself on getting accepted and attending Penn State University. She grew and learned a lot throughout the 4 years away at college. Not just academically but individually, and emotionally.

Birthdays are a time to celebrate with our families and friends. There is always Birthday cake and candles to blow out and make a wish on. Laura loves to bake and has made specialty cakes for her nephews and niece throughout the years. It takes planning and the kids would be involved, by getting to choose the theme and help Aunt Laura to design what the cake would look like. The cake was always the highlight of the party and all the guest look forward to seeing what the cake was going to be. Laura looks forward to having themed birthday parties and creating birthday cakes for your child to grow up with and have great memories.
Laura has cherished being an aunt from the moment her sister Erica told her she was expecting. Because of her closeness with her sisters, Laura has spent countless hours loving on her nephews and niece. Laura would spend her days off and weekends visiting the kids and just enjoying spending time with them. The little things from playing with toys, cuddles and snuggling at nap time, playing with them during bath time, and lots of kisses and hugs all day long. Then when Andrew came into Laura’s world he easily transitioned into being an uncle and they both now love spending time with kids. Laura and Andrew are trusted so much by her sisters that they are left to be legal guardians to their nephew and niece if ever needed. Laura is also the godmother to Lucas and Rebecca.
We are very proud of our nephews and niece and make the time to attend their special events and celebrate their accomplishments. From school concerts, to award ceremonies and graduations. On the weekends we make sure to catch a football, baseball, lacrosse, basketball, and dance/gymnastics events for the kids. We are their biggest cheerleader, and look forward to having our child involved in activities to keep us busy on the weekends cheering him or her on.
As you can probably tell, we are both extremely close with our nephews and niece and devote a lot of time and energy into their lives. They are excited to have a new cousin and cannot wait to “show them the ropes.” Lucas our youngest nephew is thrilled to pass on being the youngest to his new cousin and wants to share all this “tricks” with them. Our older two Jared and Brian promise to also be a protector. Our niece Rebecca is over the moon to baby sit and teach them lots of things, including taking them shopping.
Our parents are elated at the thought of having a new grandchild to love, especially Andrew’s Dad as this will be his first grandchild. They are eagerly awaiting a new baby, and will love your child unconditionally. Laura’s mom grandma Cathy will also help with babysitting when Laura and Andrew are at work. She loves having those special precious moments alone with her grandchild. Grandpa lives nearby and cannot wait to visit his new grandchild often. He can’t wait to pass on his love of music. Grandpa Dave has been playing the guitar since childhood and can’t wait to play and sing songs to his new grandchild.
Laura’s sisters and brother in law, live close by and are ready do some spoiling of their future niece or nephew. Laura and Andrew have played such a huge role in their children’s world as aunt and uncle, they cannot wait to give back. They are all looking forward to being the cool aunt and uncle, but also another person the child can turn to and trust.


adoptive family photo - Andrew About Andrew
Andrew grew up with a single mother Kathy who remarried when Andrew was 4. Andrew also has an older brother Josh who was your typical older brother, they would play outside, and enjoyed playing sports, football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, and hockey. Andrew loved baseball and played throughout his childhood and into high school. Andrew and his mom would have special time together in the evenings playing cards and just talking away.
Andrew’s dad loved to take him on vacations, to the beach, Disney, and day trips. They would spend a lot of time hiking, biking, and fishing. They would laugh and talk during this special time spent together. Andrew still loves being outside and enjoying the little things. Laura and I look forward to sharing these types of activities with a child as well.
Although growing up with divorced parents Andrew learned his independence early on. He was hardworking as a teen and helped to establish himself financially. Because of this he was able to attend Community College.

In the fall we enjoy going to college football games, and going apple and pumpkin picking with our families. We are big Penn State fans and love to take a trip to the games spending time with our friends. We love to spend the time on the hay rides, corn mazes, pony rides, apple cider donuts, and jumping in the leaves. After apple picking Laura goes home and makes her famous homemade apple pie, which is her nephew Jared’s favorite. And after picking out the best pumpkin we will get together and carve pumpkins together. We can end the night with a fire pit, making s’mores, and lots of laughs.
We love to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving. Halloween is all about the kids and dressing up to go trick or treating. And Thanksgiving is spent with the family around the table with a feast to enjoy, football to watch, and just enjoying being together.
We work hard all year, so we make sure to plan a few vacations throughout the year. We love to cruise and have been on bunch of cruises as a couple. We love to explore the local Caribbean islands that we visit, snorkel and see the beauty under the water, go sailing on sail boats and catamarans, and put our feet in the sand and float the day away in the crystal clear blue Caribbean waters. It is special time for us to destress from work, enjoy quality time together, and there is always some new to try on a cruise. We look forward to bringing our child on a cruise one day and hope they enjoy it as much as we do.
We are driving distance to the beach. Each year we get away with our family to the beach for the week. The cousins love to play in the sand, ocean, and beach activities. We love to be in the ocean, and enjoy the waves. We also enjoy just sitting back in our beach chairs and read a good book. The hotel we stay at each year has an amazing pool we enjoy in the afternoon to de-sand. Often you will find us playing volleyball with the kids. At night we will go play mini golf, and or go on the boardwalk, watch the kids go on rides, and play games in the arcade. End the night with an ice cone and fireworks. We look forward to the family vacation each year and it is great memories. All that is missing is a child of our own to share these activities with.
One of our most memorable vacations was going to Disney World. We planned the trip with our family and it was pure joy to see Disney in the eyes of our nephews and niece. Taking pictures in front of Cinderella’s castle, the themed rides, parades, firework show, meeting the characters and princesses. It was a fun packed week visiting the different parks. Laura really enjoyed going to Universal Studios to Harry Potter world. When her nephew Jared was starting to read chapter books he read the first few books with her. Being able to experience the Harry Potter attractions was so special and holds a special place in Laura’s heart. We cannot wait to bring our child to Disney and see it through their eyes. Can’t wait

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