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Andrew and Laura

To Someone Special, our journey to you. We are humbled by the decisions you are making.

Hello, we are Laura and Andrew and we want to start by saying how grateful we are to you for considering us to be the adoptive parents of your child. We understand this adoption journey and the decisions you are making are extremely important and we are humbled that you are considering us. We believe that only a strong and brave person could choose to make this decision. We view this adoption as a journey that we are taking together. We would love to share more about ourselves, in an effort to help you in making this decision. We want you to feel comfortable with who we are inside and out. We are a loving couple that just absolutely adores children. We are happily married and ready to start our family. We are devoted to providing a loving, fun, genuine, and secure home for your child.

Our relationship is based on trust and understanding so we have a strong bond. We have a stable family income and are financially secure. We have an adorable tree shaded, 3 bedroom ranch style home in a calm and quiet neighborhood in New Jersey that is just waiting for a child to make it complete. We chose our home with a child in mind. We are a short walk to schools, parks, and community pool. Our promise to you is that your child will feel safe and loved every day.

Both of us have dreamt of being a mom and dad our whole life, and wanting to have a family together. It is our hope and dream to expand our family through adoption. We want you to know that if you choose us to be the adoptive parents of your child, we will cherish and honor you by providing unconditional love, guidance, patience, and unlimited opportunities to foster his or her growth and development into adulthood and beyond. Your child will always know what a brave and courageous person you are to have chosen an adoption plan.

We are established in our careers, are in the position to be able to provide a financially and emotionally stable, nurturing, and loving environment for your child. Laura works in the banking field as an operations/internal support manager. And has the ability to work remotely some days giving her the opportunity and flexibility to work from home. Andrew is in management on the retail side and his schedule allows for him to be home earlier.

We look forward to sharing our hearts and home, with your child. Our neighbors are friendly, and Andrew can often be found outside cutting the grass and often chatting. Our neighbors are helpful during the winter months with snow plowing the sidewalks in the neighborhood. We look forward to having in our yard a swing set, slides, and play sets for your child to grow up with playing on. The best part is we live close to Laura’s mom and step dad, and they have a pool that all the family loves to enjoy in the summer months.

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Who We Are

We met online through a dating website, and both liked each other’s profile. We started emailing and then talking, and immediately hit it off. We spent every day texting, and talking and learning so much about each other. At the time Andrew lived in West Virginia and Laura was living in New Jersey. We were about 4 hours away from each other, but we both knew we needed to meet in person and see where this would take us. Andrew had never been to New York City and Laura was living in NJ which was a short train ride away from the NYC. So we set a date to meet in person. Andrew drove to NJ for the weekend and we met at the local Applebee’s for the first time and had dinner. We connected immediately and the next day took the train into NYC and walked around, Laura was a tour guide showing Andrew the sites. We ventured to the Madame Tso wax museum and had a blast touring the wax figures. We had a great dinner at an Italian restaurant in Times Square and took lots of pictures and selfies together. On the train ride back to NJ we both knew we didn’t want the night to end so we went out for ice cream (and learned we have the same favorite….Cookies n Cream!) and then to a late night movie. Conversations came easy and the time just flew by, we just couldn’t seem to say good bye. On our last day together we ventured to the local St Patrick’s Day parade. Laura was a little nervous because her family and friends were also going to be at the parade and she didn’t want it to be too soon for Andrew to meet them. But Andrew instantly said if they are important people to your life then I better get used to them because they will be a part of mine. Andrew came to NJ most weekends and we just continued to grow in love. Andrew than made the decision to move to NJ to be closer to Laura. A few months later we got engaged. Andrew surprised Laura by blind folding her and bringing her to the park where they first shared “I love you.” He designed the engagement ring for Laura to be a part of him as well. Its diamond setting has side sapphires which is meaningful because the sapphire is Andrew birth stone. Andrew and Laura’s dream is to one day pass the ring onto their children as a family heirloom. We immediately shared the news with our loved ones and the wedding planning began.

Our wedding was one of the best days of our lives. We met on March 8th and two years later got married on March 7th. We had a lot of family and friends flying, and driving in for the wedding, and two days before we had a 10 inch snow storm. Thankfully everyone was able to change plans and still make the wedding safely. We were married in Laura’s childhood Church, in the presence of 150 of our closest family and friends. Although the snow was initially an added stress, it made for a beautiful back ground for wedding photos. . We ate and danced the night away and soaked up every moment we could. Everyone commented on what an amazing wedding and an amazing couple!

Adoption Diary

Vacation anyone… Beach!!

We are looking forward to getting away on a vacation this year.  Last year with COVID-19 we stayed home and quarantined.  Now we are both fully vaccinated and looking forward to traveling again.  Can’t wait to feel the sand in my toes and dive into the ocean.  The beach is our happy place.  Read a good book, swim, and relax.  Our nephews and niece might join us too, which will be a ton of fun.  Looking forward to one day spoiling our little one on vacation!

Family Weekend Fun

Got to enjoy the past weekend celebrating my sisters birthday.  Got to see our immediate family.  Hung out with some friends and their kids.  Orders some wings and pizza and had some good laughs.  Doesn’t take a lot to make us smile and have fun.  Just surround ourselves with good people.  Plus seeing my niece and nephews is always fun.  They make us smile.  Plus we had great birthday cake for my sister! Cheers to a fun packed weekend and some amazing people to spend it with.  Cannot wait until we have a little one to include in all the fun.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Andrew and Laura

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Andrew and Laura