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Our Story

We met in 2011 through mutual friends, during our final year of college. After a few years of working we moved to San Francisco together.

We are both fortunate to come from large families (Alex's very large) that are full of love and support.

Since moving to California 5 years ago we have taken advantage of the location and grown our love for travel. We try to take multiple trips per year and cannot wait to have a child to share the beauty of the world with.

In our free time we both love to cook and bake and can be found experimenting in the kitchen. Most of the time we end up with something delicious.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have lived in San Francisco for the last 5 years. We are fortunate to be within walking distance of grocery stores, restaurants and parks.

About John, By Alex

adoptive family photo - About John, By Alex Born and raised in Alberta as a first generation Canadian, John pursued his dreams of becoming a software engineer. He has proven devotion to achieving what he sets out to accomplish.

My first memory of John is seeing him in a college statistics class, but it wasn’t until our last semester that we started hanging out. Before we started dating, I would spend time at his parent’s home with his family and especially with his younger sister. It was then that I saw how important family is to John. In our 8 years together, every Monday evening has always been family time with his family, whether in-person or over facetime.

John is great with children, kids are always drawn to him. He has a fun-loving personality and is always willing to play a game. He has a great way of making the mundane, everyday tasks seemingly more fun. His optimism and positive outlook on life make him so easy to be around.

About Alex, By John

adoptive family photo - About Alex, By John Alex grew up in the Canadian Prairies and moved around small towns a lot. This was way different than my own childhood, growing up in a big city. The first time we went on a road trip to visit her family, I even got to meet a day-old baby cow! I think this upbringing is what has contribute to her strong sense of family, as well as her grounded personality.

What I love most about Alex is the warmth and kindness she carries with her. Even as we moved from Canada, she’s been able to maintain close contact with friends and family. When I first attended her family reunion, it was something else. The size of her extended family was overwhelming, with many names and friendly faces to remember all at once! Over time, they’ve become my extended family as well and I’m always looking forward to our next get-together. Alex is especially close with her sister and nieces. We visit them several times a week (virtually) and have been blessed to be watch each of her nieces grow up over the years.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

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John & Alex

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