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Missing Mickey (by Tamara)

Growing up in southern California, a day at Disneyland was pretty much the most exciting thing that could happen to me as a child. My family didn’t have much money, but we’d get very cheap discount tickets once a year through our school. It was basically the highlight of my year.

Now, we join our family in California each year for a trip to see all the holiday decorations - everything covered in ornaments and lights, the Haunted Mansion becoming The Nightmare Before Christmas, and even the fake snow (although we have plenty of real snow where we live now). With little children in the family, we get to see all the magic again through their eyes. 

Rick did not grow up around Disney and is not a huge fan, but he says he loves it because it makes me so happy, and he always has a great time when we go. It’s no small thing to drop the outrageous ticket fees on a place you don’t love, and seeing him muster enthusiasm reminds me of how lucky I am. Plus, someone has to hold the babies when we go on the rides, and he always volunteers.

This year we stayed home due to the pandemic, but we can’t wait to be able to bring our own little one with us to meet Mickey!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season,

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