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They don’t always love you back (by Tamara)

Our niece was only an infant when the pandemic started. Wanting to protect everyone, we quarantined within our own homes. That meant daily video chats with my sister’s family, who only live a few miles away. But it was painful to stay away, especially from the new baby. After three months, when we all knew more about the virus, we decided to carefully “merge” our pods and started spending time together again. To my dismay, our youngest family member was not impressed. Having no memory of anyone other Read more »

Missing Mickey (by Tamara)

Growing up in southern California, a day at Disneyland was pretty much the most exciting thing that could happen to me as a child. My family didn’t have much money, but we’d get very cheap discount tickets once a year through our school. It was basically the highlight of my year. Now, we join our family in Read more »

Merry Little Christmas

This year it was just our little family, cozy at home. Normally we’d be traveling across the country, visiting California, Massachusetts and a few places in between to see the ones we love. While we miss our families and look forward to traveling safely again soon, spending time together with just our “pod” Read more »

*No trees were harmed in the making of this holiday

This year, Richard made Tamara’s living Christmas tree dream come true by digging up a wayward pine tree from the yard that needed a new home. It’s now in the living room, roots and all, and will go to a new location to live out its years after the holidays. Free, and environmentally friendly - a win/win! Read more »

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Rick & Tamara

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