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Holiday Hussle and Bussle

Like most people, I love the Holidays!  It’s usually a time that family and friends get to meet up and just enjoy each other.  Well this Holiday is going to be very different for everyone, instead of meeting in person we are doing a virtual Christmas.  Not sure what it entails, but I’ll be happy just to talk to all of my family at one time.  You have to see the positive in every situation, even though I can’t’ see my family face-to-face, I’m thankful that I have a large family and none of us are sick from COVID.  I firmly believe you have to make lemonade out of lemons.  2020 has been a sour year for many, but if you are able to read this and still have breath in your body…You are the Lemonade!  Stay blessed and also be a blessing where ever you can!

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Percy and Dayna

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Percy and Dayna