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Happy Friday

There is always good energy on Fridays.  People are usually nicer on Fridays! They are excited to start the weekend or their paycheck is being deposited!! I love Fridays because the work week is finally over and the hopes of what the next week will bring gets me excited. Every week I wonder is this our lucky week that we will meet our expectant mother?  It’s such a beautiful expectancy and we are looking forward to connecting to the person that God has picked for us!  If you feel this is you, please Read more »

Why is it so Cooollllddd!!!

Happy Saturday!! January is always so cold in Atlanta.  Percy grew up in St. Louis and moved down south to escape the cold.  I grew up in Alabama and had never seen snow until college.  We spent most of the day outside and we froze to death, lol!! We love the beach and warm weather so we are not about this cold Read more »

Happy New Year

I always love the New Year! New Year presents New Opportunity.  I hope this is the year that we are blessed with our bundle of joy!  I hope this new year finds whoever is reading this with peace, love and blessings! Read more »

Christmas is over…NOW WHAT?

Christmas is usually the big grand finale of my year, but with COVID Christmas wasn’t as festive as it usually is.  But that is absolutely OK.  We took time this year to really focus on the reason for the Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ.  This year ended being a blessing to us, it gave us an Read more »

Christmas Shopping

One thing about me….I’m always shopping at the last minute. Every year, I have great intentions but still end up pushing it to the limit, lol.  Here is is Dec 22nd, I still don’t have anything for my Mom or my Husband!!! Lord help me, LOL.  Amazon has saved me, but time is definintely running Read more »

Scammy Scammers

This week has been interesting to say the least.  I’ve had 3 “expectant mothers” attempting to scam me.  Once I try to put them in touch with my attorney, they seem to lose interest in getting to know me.  Adoption is so emotional for all parties involved, it’s so unfair to be targeted Read more »

Holiday Hussle and Bussle

Like most people, I love the Holidays!  It’s usually a time that family and friends get to meet up and just enjoy each other.  Well this Holiday is going to be very different for everyone, instead of meeting in person we are doing a virtual Christmas.  Not sure what it entails, but I’ll be happy Read more »

Christmas Pictures

Today Percy and the girls had a father daughter photoshoot.  I think the pictures are going to turn out great.  They were dressed really cute and everybody had on their best smiles.  We decided to just do a father dauther shoot to make it something very special for the 3 of them. When we adopt we will do Read more »

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas is our favorite holiday!! Even though we are going through COVID, we are still trying our hardest to keep the Christmas spirit!  I honestly put my tree up on Nov 1, lol.  I really really love Christmas!  I can’t wait to make new memories and traditions with our future child. Read more »

Hello is this thing on…(taps mic)

I was having a conversation about diaries with Percy.  I asked him did boys write in diaries when growing up and he said no.  So it made me wonder, why do girls write in diaries and not boys. What are you thoughts? Read more »

This is gonna be interesting…

When I was younger, I attempted to keep a diary….it never worked, lol.  I would start strong in January and by March it was a bunch of blank pages.  I will attempt this again, but definitely not making any promises.  I guess I use instagram as my diary….so it will probably have more intersting Read more »

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