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I grew up in Northern California. My father, step-mother
(both retired) and two younger step-sisters live in a nearby
town. One is a teacher and the other is a mother of two

I have an older brother that I am very close to, and we only
become closer as we get older. He is such a beautiful soul
and I love him dearly. He is married to a women we all love
and they have three teenagers. They live on the East Coast and we get together every year.

My mom is now retired and lives with me and Pax. While I
am at work, Pax spends his days with Nay Nay. She sends
me texts with pictures of their adventures while I’m at work.
They are so adorable together! As a single mother, her
presence and support has been an incredible gift to me.
She’s one of the best most self-sacrificing people I know,
so it may not be a surprise to learn she made her career of
taking care of other people as a nurse. She has picked me
up and cheered me one. She is always up for new
adventures and always says yes.

My family is incredibly supportive of my adoption
plans. They adore Paxton and look forward to the
possibility of welcoming another child into our family.

My Home

We recently moved from San Francisco to Washington. We are about 30 minutes from Seattle. It is beautiful here! We live on nearly 4 acres of land next to a lake. I am about a 10 minute drive to work, which means I am home for dinner and bath time every week night.

This is my dream home. It has lots of 5 bedrooms and bathrooms. It has a huge front and back yards. I’m a big art fan and the house is full of color. I host tons of
gatherings here.

I hung swings from the rafters! Two for the kids and one for adults. My mom and I joke that his is like a kid's house that a couple of adults are lucky enough to live in.

There is plenty of fresh air, it’s safe and lots of families in the neighborhood. We are close to parks nature trails, and a short drive to mountains and snow. We can swim in the lake in summer and soon we will be boating too!


I'm a hugger!

Honestly, I so reflexively go in for a big hug when I meet people. I just can’t help it! I’m a hugger. I get that from my mom so you now been warned she’s a hugger too. We’ll both want to hug you when we meet. :)

I love being a mom. Paxton goes wherever I go, and that is a lot of places! In his first year we saw the Foo Fighters, went to Hawaii and New Orleans, took swimming lessons, and even learned a little Spanish.

I love music. It is always playing in the house. We sing and dance every chance we get around here.

I usually have purple and blue hair. Sometimes other colors make it, but purple and blue are my go to. I’m fiercely committed to being myself regardless how other may react. I hope to pass that on to my children too!

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