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Jeff & Jessica

Happy married couple in Indiana ready to start our family!

Dear Birth Mom,

Thank you for choosing to bring your beautiful baby into this world and for considering an adoption plan! Although we don't know your situation, your desire to do what's best for your baby tells us that you must be a very loving and selfless person.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story! We found each other through a Christian dating website and connected immediately over our shared devotion to Jesus and a similar sense of humor. We spent most of our first phone call laughing, and we've enjoyed laughing together ever since. After our marriage in 2015, Jeff became a pastor of a church in Indiana. Jesus is at the core of who we are and how we live. We not only trust what the Bible teaches, but we strive to follow Christ in all aspects of our lives.

We actually considered adoption even before trying to have kids of our own, but since we have struggled with infertility and have been unable to conceive, now we definitely want to move forward with adoption. We know that raising a child is a big responsibility. We want to do everything in our power to not just teach the Bible to a child, but to live out these teachings in such a way that a child will come to know the character of Jesus through watching us.

If you choose us as adoptive parents, we assure you that we will raise your child in a loving, stable family that is centered on Christ and committed to displaying Christ in our words and actions to the best of our ability. We would ideally prefer to have some level of openness in the adoption, but even if you prefer a closed adoption, we will raise your child with the knowledge that their birth mother loved them and made a sacrifice to provide a good situation for them.

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We feel fortunate to come from families where our parents, grandparents, and siblings have all had very healthy marriages. They taught us and modeled for us how to love each other and resolve our conflicts in a gentle and caring way. We give them a lot of credit for why our own marriage has been so easy.

We don't currently live near either of our families, but we stay in close contact and really enjoy spending time with them. When we get together for holidays or other special occasions, our nieces and nephews receive tons of loving attention from everyone. The child who joins our family will have four grandparents, who are all still in good health, and five cousins with at least one more cousin on the way.

Our families have always been extremely supportive of us. They are all very excited for us to build our family through adoption. They are looking forward to loving and supporting a child with us.

Adoption Diary


Will this be our last big adventure before baby arrives??? ❤️⛷️❤️ Looking forward to giving a child some of these experiences.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jeff & Jessica

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Jeff & Jessica