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Wondering about a new dog

Earlier in the pandemic we had to say goodbye to our 13 year old senior rescue dog, Archie. He was the first dog that Amy ever had (Dad was allergic so no pets growing up). Archie was part of our family for almost 3 years. When we adopted him from our local shelter we were told he might only have a few months left to live, but we fell in love and knew we wanted to bring this little guy home. 

We loved him up good, took him for lots and lots of walks, let him be his own man, and made sure he got to take his medicine with peanut butter (he insisted).

We’ve been missing having a pup in our house and while in pandemic it seems like everyone around us has brought a new dog home. So, while we’re not sure yet if it’s a yes or a no, we keep looking to see if any of our local shelters have a nice small to medium size dog who needs a good home.

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An opportunity to see who we are and what we do while we wait to become moms. We're using this more as a monthly journey tracker to share some of our life which wasn't necessarily highlighted in the other sections. We hope you are able to get a feel for us as a couple through our sharing of our day to day.

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Amy & Luna

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