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We met in downtown San Francisco on a chilly winter evening, have been together since 2015 and married since 2017. We’ve enjoyed growing as a couple over the years and are excited to begin the next step in our family’s journey. We’re both aunts to nieces and nephews on both sides of the family and long for the opportunity to nurture a child in our own home.

Balance is very important to us in our lives and in our home. We’re a good team, we take the time to be present for each other, to listen to each other’s needs and to make space for the things that each of us are passionate about. Amy is passionate about cooking, often making incredible messes in the kitchen that, more often than not, end up being a culinary success. Luna has recently developed an interest in indoor gardening which has brought new life into our home. The sunniest window is now the home of vegetables, fruits and bunches of flowers that bring us joy when they bloom.

Amy is a teacher who works with students who have learning disabilities and Luna works in two worlds, one is technology and the other isTraditional Chinese Medicine. We are both passionate about the work that we do but our home life is really what we look forward to. We love to build community and often do this by going to the same spots for breakfast on the weekend or coffee during the work week. Our friends and neighbors know us by name and this makes our City feel small.

Our Home

Living in San Francisco, where Amy was born, has its perks. We are close to many things we like to celebrate; nature, good food, our friends and family. Luna is originally from Philadelphia and we prioritize a visit to our “east coast home” at least once a year.

We have a cozy 2 bedroom condo in SF that's close to the Embarcadero where we take daily walks or runs. There are grassy areas and many other families in our neighborhood. Our building is secure and our neighbors are trustworthy and kind.

Amy - by Luna

adoptive family photo - Amy - by Luna Amy is the epitome of a woman who was meant to be a mother. Rarely have I come across a person who is truly meant to be a parent, and Amy is one of those people. She is nurturing and patient, she’s excited about every opportunity in life, she celebrates the wins and hugs away the challenges. Amy’s experiences as both a coach and a teacher have provided her with ample opportunity to mentor, lead, and support children from a variety of backgrounds. I know that any child that joins our family will be well loved, well supported, and truly cherished with Amy as their mother.

Luna by Amy

adoptive family photo - Luna by Amy I know that may sound a bit cheeky, but my wife is wise. Luna is knowledgeable in ways that I would have never encountered if not encouraged there by her. She is intelligent, she is as precise as they come and she is quite simply the person I’m supposed to be with. She is graceful and strong, curious and well spoken, playful and artistic. She is passionate and the protector of those she loves. She loves me deeply and because of that love I know that she will be a tremendous mother.

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Amy & Luna

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Amy & Luna