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New Hair Treatment

It’s been two years since I did my “big chop” where I stopped putting a relaxer in my hair. I normally wear my hair in braids since it’s so convenient and I love braid styles. This week I tried a new protein hair treatment. I love how versatile black hair is. I hope to teach a child to love every part of who they are one day. Read more »

Real Friends

As I get older I really understand that value in not having as many friends but having really genuine and loving friends. I saw this and it made me feel so thankful for the friends who are in my life. Read more »

My favorite spot in my kitchen

My favorite spot in my kitchen is the window seat. I sit here while I’m cooking or when a friend is over. It’s such a great spot.  I hope for the day when there is a little person beside me enjoying a snack and looking out the window. Read more »

Brunching Into Spring

Most Saturday’s I go into NYC to visit my brother and his girlfriend Tina. Today to celebrate Spring we had a nice brunch. I love spending time with family and friends. Read more »


When I go out for my daily walks I pass this great pottery store. At the store you can paint pottery, make glass and candles.  They teach classes for kids. I look forward to doing creative things and exposing a little one to arts and crafts!! Read more »

Missing my little sibling (Peanut)

One thing that’s hard about the pandemic is not seeing my little siblings. We always have a great time together. Here we are being silly and getting serious about making our favorite cookies! One day I hope to have a little “peanut” so make cookies with on a snow day! Read more »

I love New York City

Saturday’s I usually go to the city to visit my brother Chad! I just LOVE the view from his apartment. Now we are spending more time indoors but I look forward to a time when it’s safe again (post-pandemic) to explore the city. Read more »

Yesterday was an Incredible Day!!

There were so many special, history making moments yesterday but one of the most moving was the poem by Amanda Gorman!! It’s was inspiring and so powerful! As a woman and a woman of color I was so proud yesterday. Representation matters!! Read more »

Love my community

I love living in NY because I love being near the city but I also love all of the beauty of upstate New York. We have such beautiful lakes and mountains. It’s a bit cold but so worth it!! Read more »

Out for my morning walk/job

Today it was 20 degrees in New York. I didn’t want to get out of bed but I lost starting my day with some fresh air and exercise. I have about 4 layers of clothes on. I usually walk with my neighbor and friend and the best part of the walk is getting coffee from our local coffee shop!! Read more »

Putting together a desk for my mom’s office

I love decorating and strangely putting together furniture.  My cousin’s wife Becky and I put together a desk for my mom’s office. I’m remodeling my mom’s office so we’ve painted, put together her desk and are waiting for a new couch to arrive. Can’t wait for the before and after photos! Read more »

Surprise ice skating party

Had a great time celebrating my cousin’s birthday with a surprise skating party. I haven’t been on ice skates in years. It was a great time and a bonus that I didn’t fall :) I love spending time with family and friends! Read more »

Baked my favorite cake

I LOVE Duncan Hines yellow pound cake!!! So last night I decided to try baking one!! It was delish!! Guess I will worry about my diet tomorrow!! Lol Read more »

2021 Family Calendar

Every year my brother Seth creates a family calendar that includes photos and memories of years past. I love seeing these photos every day! Read more »

Black Art Project

These Ebony magazines date back to the 1950s.  They were handed down to me from my great grandmother and once I saw them I knew that I wanted to display them in my home one day. I’m thrilled with how this project came out.⁠ They are in my den/office space. Read more »

I love home decorating/interior design

Today I helped my mom pick out some new furniture for her den/office. I absolutely interior design and I’m often asked by my friends abs family to help them decorate their space. These are some really colorful tables I saw today. I really liked the pop of color! I look forward to the day when I can create a beautiful, Read more »

Wash Day!!

About two years ago I decided to stop getting a perm and to grow out my natural hair. I love all of the versatile hairstyles: braids, curly, straight, etc. I hope to one day teach a little person to be so proud of who they are and love the skin that they are in. Read more »

Getting my fitness on

One thing I love to go is getting outdoors and exercising! I had a ton of Christmas dinner leftovers the past two days and it was great getting outside today!! Read more »

Christmas Morning Brunch

One of the things I love about living around the corner from my one of my favorite aunt’s is our holiday celebrations. On Christmas we start with brunch at her house and then we have Christmas dinner at my mom’s house who also lives within walking distance. Read more »

My mom makes holidays so special!!

Every year my mom creates a fun holiday game for us to play Christmas afternoon. This year it was based on the game show, “Press Your Luck”!! We each get our own game board. Here is my game board. Read more »

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