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Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. In recent years, I have worked hard to create the life of my dreams. I am blessed to have wonderful relationships, and support from my parents, siblings, extended family, and a large network of friends. I have a stable, fulfilling career as an executive. I am blessed that my job is flexible and I have family nearby who can’t wait to babysit.

My parents raised me and my siblings with unconditional love and support. I always felt that there was nothing that I could do that would change how they felt about me. Even when I made mistakes during those hard teenage years, I always had guidance, love, and encouragement.

My parents divorced when I was 12 years old, but maintained a good relationship, which allowed me the opportunity to grow-up feeling connected and secure. I have been blessed to have wonderful step-parents who have also loved and cared for me.

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home In preparation for motherhood, I recently purchased and renovated my home. It is beautiful, child-friendly, and has a nice, sunny backyard. I grew up in the same school district where my home is and the schools are nationally-ranked. But perhaps one of my most favorite things about my home is that it is walking distance to my mom’s and one of my favorite aunt’s homes, so family is always around.

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