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Snow Date

All the snow on the ground reminds me of this photo Joel and I took a few years ago while we were on the way to see Chicago the musical in DC. Our jackets look like we were putting on a little razzle dazzle, but it was just a light dusting of snow! It’s fun to take the time to have a little “snow date” with each other whenever we can. Read more »

Snow Shoveling

Last week was probably the biggest snowstorm accumulation in the Virginia area that Isaac can remember, so he was very excited to get out and play. He “helped” Joel with shoveling the sidewalk (or he tried at least!) and made lots of snow angels and more than a few snow people out in the yard. The look of pure joy Read more »

A Boy and His Dad

A boy’s relationship with his dad is truly something special to behold. I’m so grateful that Isaac has such a wonderful role model in Joel and watching them play and interact together is so fun. He’s the definition of a loving, awesome dad! Read more »

Into The New Year

Before we go totally back to real life, I wanted to take one last moment to start the new year with gratitude and joy for the blessings in my life. I made this collage of photos from the holiday, including Isaac opening presents on Christmas morning, decorating cookies as a family, all of us about to enjoy our Christmas Read more »

Choo Choo Trains

Isaac never passes up an opportunity to see and/or play with trains, so he was delighted when we went to the U.S. Botanic Garden last week to see the train display they have there. The train is part of the 2021 Outdoor Holiday Display, which remains up until January 2nd. It’s outside, so it’s a nice break from Read more »

Family Christmas

While I always love our professional holiday photos, there’s something to be said about an impromptu family selfie on Christmas Eve! I love Isaac’s holiday jammies (maybe we’ll all get matching family pajamas next year). I think this photo serves as a good reminder that memories don’t have to be posed Read more »

Sara, Isaac, and Santa

Not to be outdone, I also uncovered this photo of Isaac from a few years ago, when I had the opportunity to take him to the White House for photos with Santa. He doesn’t remember it because he was so little, but I really cherish this photo and the blessings we’ve had to be able to expose him to so many unique Read more »

Christmas Memories

In preparation of Santa’s big visit this week, I was looking back at old photos and found this one of Isaac’s first Christmas. I Just can’t get over how adorable he looks in his little Christmas onesie and Santa hat. Read more »

Family Memories

Here’s a throwback to our 2019 family photo. I can’t believe how much has changed in just 2 years! Isaac looks more like a little adult now, it’s hard to believe he was ever that small. Can’t wait to see how this year’s family photo turns out. Here’s hoping that next year’s will have Read more »

Building Marbles

Last year, Santa Claus brought Isaac this fun marble run set—but I think it was as much a gift for Joel as it was for Isaac. They spent a few hours in the living room building different towers and variations and racing marbles down each course. They still break it out from time to time to have marble races, and I love Read more »

Winter Weather

While DC missed out on some snowy weather this morning, the wind chill makes it feel like winter is definitely here. I’m reminded of this photo that Joel and I took a few years ago all bundled up on a trip together. We were cold, but having the time of our lives! Read more »

Acoustic Rooster’s Barnyard Boogie

Isaac and I enjoyed spending some quality time together at Acoustic Rooster’s Barnyard Boogie at the Kennedy Center last week! We’ve loved reading Kwame Alexander’s Acoustic Rooster book at home, and it was so much fun to see it come to life on stage Read more »

Holiday Season

I can’t believe it’s already December! We spent the weekend after Thanksgiving decorating the house for Christmas, and I stumbled upon this photo we took for our Christmas card way back in 2014, when Isaac was still just a dream in our hearts for the future and Scruffy was our only baby. Time sure flies! Read more »

Raking Leaves

Chores are an important part of helping kids learn personal responsibility and self-reliance, and we love getting Isaac to pitch in around the house with us. One of his favorite chores in the fall is helping Joel rake leaves in the backyard. We all have fun watching him jump into the leaf pile before we send the leaves off to Read more »

Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all the blessings we have in our lives. First, I am so grateful for the love and support of my family—my son Isaac, my husband Joel, and our dog Scruffy. I’m also excited for a return to normalcy and to be able to spend time with our extended Read more »

Thanksgiving Tradition

It’s a Thanksgiving week tradition 2 years running! Last year during the pandemic, Joel took Isaac out fishing in the neighborhood to keep him occupied and out of the kitchen while I finished getting everything ready for dinner. This year, we’re excited to be able to spend time with our extended family for Read more »

Raising A Little Reader

As an avid reader myself, it was really important that Joel and I foster a love for reading in our son (and in any future children we might be blessed enough to have). We read to him often when he was a baby, and it warms my heart to see him reading to himself in the car or at home whenever he gets a chance. Read more »

Baptism Memories

Throwback to 6 years ago, almost to the day, when we had the honor of baptizing our son, Isaac, alongside his cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We are so lucky to be able to be his parents, and it is a blessing and privilege we thank God for every single day. Read more »

Thank You Veterans

This Veterans Day, I wanted to give a solemn thanks to our soldiers, both past and present. We owe you our thanks, but more than that, we owe you our freedom. Especially to my favorite veteran, Joel, a former Marine who always makes us proud! Read more »

Halloween 2021

Before we totally switch gears to the holiday season, I wanted to share this photo of our family Halloween costumes we wore to an event together. On actual Halloween, Isaac went as a train conductor for trick-or-treating, but here we just all put on some spooky outfits as a family and it was a lot of fun. Isaac really loved Read more »

Fall Weather

Now that the weather has officially transitioned into fall, I’m reminded of one of my favorite photos that Joel and I took together with Scruffy (before Isaac came into our lives) in the fall leaves at home. So much has changed in our lives since this photo, but it still feels like just yesterday we were sitting down to Read more »

Isaac and Scruffy

This photo of Isaac and Scruffy laughing together just warms my heart! There’s something special about the bond between a boy and his dog, and I’m so glad that Isaac gets to experience what it means to care for an animal. Seeing them interact together is too precious. Read more »


As we approach Halloween this weekend, I thought I would share this photo of Isaac trick-or-treat from last year when he was dressed as a race car driver. Although it was a bit different given everything that was going on in the world, our neighbors still put together a socially-distanced trick-or-treating experience for all Read more »

Out of the Phone Booth

Another photo from our UK trip! Isaac was not as entertained by the goofy photos we took as we were, but he was still such a good sport about the whole thing. I love this photo of Joel channeling his inner Superman by popping out of the phone booth in London. Can’t wait til we get to travel overseas again! Read more »

Windy Mom and Son Moment

Joel captured this photo of Isaac and me outside of Stonehenge last summer. I love being able to instill a love of travel in Isaac while he’s young, and he gets excited to go new places and see new things. He liked seeing the “giant rocks” and traveling by train to many different places (trains are his Read more »

Family Photo

I can’t believe October is already halfways over! With the holidays right around the corner, I’m in full swing planning out our family Christmas card. Here’s an outtake of last year’s photo where we were all fighting against squinting in the sun. I just love Isaac’s red sweater in this photo and Read more »

Baseball Fans

I’ve been a passionate Nationals fan for quite some time, and one of my favorite things is being able to share that passion with my son (and my husband!). We love to go to games together and Isaac loves to cheer and do all the dances and chants like “Take me out to the ball game.” Looking forward to Read more »

Visiting Family

I recently rediscovered this photo we took of visiting family in Colorado over the summer. Isaac loves getting to spend time with his cousins, and after a year of being cooped up, it was a joy for all of us to be able to spend some quality time with family and get a nice change of scenery. Now that life is seeming to get back Read more »

Fall Festivals

Now that it’s finally starting to feel like fall, we’re excited to be able to take Isaac to all the fall festivals in the area. He loves to get his face painted (as seen in this photo!) and he’ll be excited to pick out a pumpkin and play with other kids on the carnival rides. Read more »

Father and Son

The bond between a boy and his dad is so special. I just love watching Isaac and Joel interacting with each other. I can see Isaac looking at Joel and mimicking what he does—like wearing his Marine Corps hat in this photo! I am so glad that Isaac has such a great role model in Joel. Read more »

Family Hiking

One of the ways we really enjoy bonding as a family is spending time together outside. The fresh air, getting some good exercise together as a family, and putting our screens away to enjoy the natural beauty of this world… it’s so rejuvenating! On the trails that allow dogs, we try to bring Scruffy, because he Read more »

Sweet Treats

We’re a family full of people with sweet tooths, so it’s always fun to find ways to enjoy sweet treats together. This photo is from a summer visit to the Turkey Hill Experience factory in Pennsylvania. We took a little road trip and then had the ice cream experience of our lives! Isaac still talks about it to this Read more »

Hiking With Scruffy

We went for a family hike this past weekend on the trails near our house, and brought Scruffy with us. Isaac loved climbing around and I loved this photo that Joel captured of Scruffy looking majestically off into the distance. You’d think he was a professional dog model! Read more »

Blippi Concert

Family fun night at the Blippi concert. Isaac had the time of his life clapping and singing along with all the other kids and families at the Blippi concert. He didn’t let his face mask stop him from singing his heart out! Hopefully as things settle down, we’ll be able to go to more events like this as a Read more »

Smiles in San Diego

This photo is from a family vacation we took to San Diego a few years ago. I have always loved the look of laughter and happiness on Isaac’s face and how much fun we had together. With school having just started, it’ll be a little while before we can take another family vacation, so we’ll have to treasure Read more »

Isaac’s Adoption Day

This is our first photo with Isaac right after he was born. You can see the delight and pure joy in our faces as we held him for the first time. It’s been an honor and a privilege to see him grow up into the fun, silly, monster truck-loving kid we love so much over the past 6 years. Read more »

Birthday Boy!

Feeling a little emotional this week because I can’t believe Isaac is already six years old! I feel like I blinked and he went from being a tiny baby to this six year old boy I see before me. Here’s hoping his 6th year on this earth is a great one, full of love and happiness! Read more »

Lighting The Unity Candle

Lighting the unity candle at our wedding. This was one of my favorite rituals that we did during the ceremony. To us, it represents joining together as one unit to love, respect and cherish one another. Grateful for this marriage that God has blessed us with. Read more »

Texas Hold’Em

This photo was from a couple of years ago when we were visiting a historical site that took old time photos. Joel was teaching Isaac how to play Texas Hold’Em. Teaching Isaac about different time periods throughout history is important to use and we hope to instill in him a love for history, people and culture. Read more »

Changing Seasons

While we always love the fun summer months of laying by the pool, eating ice cream on the back deck and spending time with cousins, I always look forward to the changing seasons and the cooler weather that fall brings! Here’s a photo from a couple years ago where Isaac and Joel built a funny snowman in our neighborhood. Read more »

Red Rocks in Colorado

Family time is so important to us! Here’s a fun picture at Red Rocks from our recent vacation to Colorado, with Isaac’s uncle Todd and cousin Sophia. The kids enjoyed running up and down the stands and I got tired from just watching them! Read more »


This is such a fun picture of Isaac and me enjoying kayaking while in Colorado. He loved being out on the water and getting to paddle in the water, and it was so nice to enjoy the beautiful weather together as a family. Read more »


We didn’t let a little wind stop us from taking a selfie together in Colorado! Looking back at summer vacation memories is so fun, especially now that we’re getting back into a normal routine with Isaac back to school. Read more »

Concert Memories

Flashback to 2019 when Joel and I rocked out at the Kenny Chesney concert at The Anthem! I miss going to concerts and hope to go to many more once concert halls are reopened. Read more »

Merry Go Round

Isaac loves a merry-go-round, so we had a lot of fun riding this one as a family on a recent vacation! This time we sat together on a bench, but Isaac usually opts for riding the zebra or whichever animal he’s currently obsessed with. Love spending time with these two! Read more »

Golf Boys

There’s a special bond between a boy and his dad, and I love seeing how much Joel and Isaac enjoy spending time with each other. Joel loves to golf, so Isaac loves to go with him and hit balls around the course. Maybe we have a future golf pro on our hands! Read more »

Embrace The Silly

How can you tell that the boys are sick of me taking a bunch of pictures of them? I think this photo says it all! Even the silly moments are worth capturing because it shows us all having fun together as a family. Read more »

Cherish The Moment

While we love our home in Northern Virginia, we enjoy getting out of the house and doing different activities together as a family! Whether it’s traveling on a big vacation, hiking around Virginia, or going to eat at a restaurant together as a family, these little moments help us build memories to carry with us through Read more »

On The River

A few weeks ago, Joel and I took a cruise down the Potomac together. We had a quiet dinner alone (good thing Isaac loves his babysitter!) and enjoyed spending some quality time together. I love this shot of us with the Washington Monument in the background! Read more »

Fun With Family

Isaac loves spending time with Grandpa! Here they are playing with a model train set, one of Isaac’s true passions in life. Things might be changing constantly, but it’s heartwarming to see different generations as they come together over a shared love that transcends the years. Read more »

Family Field Trips

We love living near DC because having access to the wonderful (and free!) museums downtown is a great way to spend time as a family, and get Isaac excited about learning. He loves to visit the Air & Space Museum because he loves to see all the airplanes and changing technology. It is really cool to be able to see and Read more »

Baseball Date Night

Throughout our relationship, Joel and I have always enjoyed date night at Nat’s park. Baseball season is one of my favorite times of the year, and although it’s been pretty hot in DC this week, it was nice to get back out and spend some time together enjoying one of our favorite pastimes. Read more »

Back To School

Can’t believe it’s back to school time already! We brought Isaac in to meet his new teacher, and he couldn’t be more excited to be back in a classroom. While we’re all a bit sad that summer is over, it’ll be nice to get back into a good routine, and for Isaac to spend more time with kids his Read more »

Putt Putt

Joel loves to golf and has passed on that love to Isaac in the form of family putt putt outings! I love that the boys get to spend some quality time together, getting some fresh air, and making memories. Here’s hoping we can continue this after school starts back up! Read more »

Beach Hair, Don’t Care!

Beach hair don’t care! A little time out by the ocean breathing in the salty air and putting our feet in the water does a lot to help[ us rest and recharge! So grateful that we were able to have a little getaway before Isaac goes back to school. Read more »

Summer Picnic

The weather in DC has been absolutely gorgeous lately, and Isaac and I were happy to take advantage by having a picnic outside. These mommy-son dates are so special because it really allows me to get a chance to spend some quality one-on-one time with him, building a bond that I know will last a lifetime! Read more »

My Boys

My heart is so happy every time I look at this photo. I just love the pure look of joy on Isaac’s face, and how much Joel loves being his dad. I am so grateful to have such a supportive partner in this adventure, and I know God has great things in store for us in the future! Read more »

Lake Trip!

While I always love a big, elaborate family vacation to Disney or abroad, there is something really special about a simple family trip to the lake. Joel and I relish the opportunity to unplug our phones and just hang out next the lake. We cook do some hiking in the morning, cook some burgers on the grill during the day, and Read more »

Thinking Back Thursday

I came across this photo of baby Isaac on the White House lawn in 2017, and it brought such a smile to my face! It feels like just yesterday and 100 years ago at the same time. It’s hard to believe he was ever so small! He still has quite the love of sunglasses and is just as quick to smile as he was back then! Read more »

Backyard Living

We built our home just a few years ago in a great neighborhood in Northern Virginia. Although we sometimes miss downtown living, I wouldn’t trade our backyard for the world! Our backyard has lots of space for trees and grass, and Isaac and Scruffy both love playing out there on summer afternoons. When the weather is Read more »

We’re On A Boat!

Summertime is such a magical time for children. Long days spent by the pool, eating icecream and learning new things at summer camp. This summer has been especially refreshing for Isaac as we strive to spend as much time outdoors together as possible. Thank you to our friends who invited us to join them on a boat over the Read more »

What a Nut!

Yep! This photo just about sums up life with this fun, rambunctious and energetic 5 year old! Read more »

4th of July Parade

Enjoying our beautiful neighborhood in Northern Virginia as we wait for the 4th of July Parade a couple of weeks ago. I love watching holidays through the eyes of a child. Every parade truck that drove past was a source of pure delight for Isaac. I love how fully he embraces life (and of course all of the free candy Read more »

Just do it July!

We have a family tradition called ‘Just do it July,’ where in the month of July we indulge our impulses and try to be the most fun versions of ourselves. Want ice-cream on a Tuesday night? No problem! Spontaneously go to a water park with Isaac? Sounds like a great idea! Plan a last minute get away to Cape Cod? Read more »

Don’t Forget your Coat!

It is so hot here in northern Virginia and the humidity feels relentless. As a joke, Joel sent me this picture this morning saying “don’t forget your coat today!” Everyone loves a good dad joke, and I think Joel’s are the best. Read more »

New Orleans

We have been doing some fun traveling this summer. Visiting family, exploring our local area, going to the beach, and even doing some quick get away for just Joel and me. All of the travel has made me think about some of our past travels like this one to New Orleans! Joel and I are big concert goers so it was really fun to Read more »

Wooden Train!

Isaac enjoyed his time exploring all of the big trains but his favorite part was driving his own wooden train. Watch out world- conductor Isaac is behind the driver’s seat! Read more »

A portrait of fatherhood

This photo reminds me of two of my favorite bible verses about fatherhood: Psalm 103:13: “As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him.” Proverbs 22:6: “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from Read more »

Train Selfie

Friday, selfie picture with my love while spending the day touring historic trains. Not the glamourous date nights that we used to have but our hearts (and hands) are so full of our love for Isaac that we don’t miss those fancy nights… too much. Read more »

Family Photos

As I mentioned in my previous post, we recently visited the HQ for Turkey Hill Ice cream. Isaac wanted us to take a family photo with this funny cut out. I always feel so goofy doing things like this. But it’s a good reminder to me that it makes Isaac happy and it’s good for him to see mom and dad letting loose Read more »

Celebrating the 4th of July with Icecream

Happy 4th of July weekend from our loving family! We spent the weekend going on an adventure to visit neighboring towns including a visit to the Turkey Hill HQ- yum! We enjoyed the factory tour where Isaac learned about how they make ice cream and develop flavors at the Turkey Hill taste lab. His favorite part, of course, was Read more »

Best Baseball Buddy

I have shared before my love for baseball. I just love this photo of me and my little baseball buddy. Can’t wait to go to another Nationals game soon! Read more »

Best Dad

Sharing another post from Fathers Day. Isaac was so proud of this grill spatula that he picked out for Joel. One of Isaacs favorite things to do is “Help” Joel when he cooks dinner so this felt like an extra special gift for him. Now that Isaac is getting older, we actually are teaching him how to help out in the Read more »

Air and Space Museum

Now that things are opening back up it has been so fun to revisiting some of our favorite places like the Air and Space Museum. Did you know that the Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. is one of the most visited museums in the world? It is certainly one of our favorites. There is so much to explore, great exhibits to Read more »

Running into the weekend!

Weekends in the summer are our favorite. As soon as work is over, Joel will usually start the grill for burgers, hotdogs, wings, ribs or steak. Isaac will help me make some corn on the cob or make a salad and then we spend the evening on the back deck enjoying a slow dinner. Joel and Isaac usually end up playing catch or Read more »

More Cousin Fun

What a fun crew this was! It’s hard to beat summer vacation with all of your favorite cousins. Especially when mom and dad let you stay up late, each ice cream every day and be spoiled by your grandparents. Read more »

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to Joel! Sometimes it’s the simplest photos that say the most. I think this is such a perfect picture to capture how great of a dad Joel is. His hands are full, the house is messy, Scruffy is in his face, Isaac is missing his shirt, yet Joel is so happy. To have such a loving and supportive Read more »

Toy Trains

Isaac is in heaven and I’ve never felt more like a boy mom! Grateful for sweet time with family and for this amazing train collection. Isaac spent hours playing here. It’s so fun to see his imagination run wild.  Read more »

Meeting a Kitten

Don’t tell our dog Scruffy- but Isaac might have a new favorite animal friend, this sweet kitten that we met several weeks ago! Isaac still brings her up, “Hey Mom, remember that kitten we saw? I wonder what she’s up to now?” Or, “Dad, you missed it! We met the cutest little kitty, playing in the Read more »


This summer, Joel has decided to spend some time teaching Isaac how to golf! We bought Isaac a set of tiny golf clubs (so cute) and some golf clothes so that he can fully play the part when they go out to the golf course. I love seeing his hobbies and passions develop and It’s so fun to watch him learn and try new Read more »

Cutest Photo bomb!

Every year my girl friends and I go on a “boy mom” trip together. This photo was from several years ago when we spent a long weekend on a beach enjoying the sunshine, playing in the sand and ocean with the boys and enjoying good food and wine . It’s been an unexpected gift that most of my girl friends here Read more »

Pool Day

Yesterday we spent the pool with sweet friends complete with a towel nap, ice-cream snacks and playing with water toys. I love the magic of summertime for kids. Longer days, sunny weather, days by the pool and splash- pads there really isn’t anything better! Joel and I always have such fond memories of summer with our Read more »

Best Buddies

Isaac and Scruffy have the sweetest relationship. I have really enjoyed watching their friendship grow over the last 5 years. Scruffy is protective of Isaac, following him around the backyard and wanting to sit right next to him on the couch. Isaac is always trying to sneak Scruffy food from the dining room table. It is such Read more »

Baseball Season

Baseball season is one of my favorite seasons every year. Several years ago I had the opportunity to wear Two Cubs World Series Rings and it was such a fun moment and is now a great memory! Last year we weren’t able to attend many baseball games. But this summer we are looking forward going to as many games at the Read more »

Beach Vibes

Joel and I love spending time on the beach. If we are able to sneak away just the two of us, it’s the perfect getaway spot to rest and recharge. If Isaac, friends or the broader family joins us, it’s perfect too because there is something for everyone to do. Everyone can find their happy there and, honestly, Read more »

Isaac’s Graduation

This past weekend we had the privilege of celebrating Isaac’s preschool graduation. Thank you to all of his teachers and educators who helped make this a great year for learning, building friendships, trying new experiments and going on school time adventures. Being entrusted with a young mind, is one of the greatest Read more »


Amazing flyover by the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds. This photo is almost a year old but wanted to share as we head into Memorial Day weekend. Grateful today and always for the men and women who have served on the frontlines working to protect our country. From healthcare workers, to truckers and of course our military Read more »

Scruffy’s Glamour Shot

Snapped this great photo of Scruffy stretched out under a beautiful rainbow. A sweet reminder of God’s promises over us, ever watching and present even in the midst of storms and difficulties. Hope this Scruffy appreciation post and beautiful rainbow brings you joy today! Read more »

Pool Days Ahead

Today was the first hot day of the year! Thankfully the splashpads and communities pools are reopening up in our neighborhood. With the hot Virginia summer and the pools open I know there are many pool days ahead for these two guys! Read more »

First Picture!

Remember the first picture challenge from last year? Well, Joel and I have a picture of the very moment we met at a wedding in San Miguel. I guess it’s one of those incredibly rare moments made possible by the fact I was at a photographers wedding, meeting a photographer, surrounded by other photographers, ha! What a Read more »

Silver Linings

A man and his camera… one silver lining of the pandemic is being able to have such a great set up at home. It helps if you live with someone who actually understand how all this equipment works. Thank you Joel for all the hard work you’ve put in to making me look good on Zoom over the last year! Read more »

Sweater Weather?

It is unseasonably chilly here in Northern Virginia.  had to pull out a sweater from the back of my closet to wear to work today. Sharing a favorite picture from a fall photo shoot that Joel and I did years ago (back before Scruffy had a grey beard!) Ready for the sun to come out and for summertime to begin! Read more »

Summer = Baseball Season

Looking forward to the upcoming baseball season and especially now that more things are opening back up! It will be fun to return to the National Ballpark in Washington D.C. after not being able to attend last season. Isaac is looking forward to it too! Read more »

Special Flowers

Isaac helped Joel pick out this beautiful bouquet of flowers for me over the weekend. I love how they look in this simple vase on a corner of my desk. Sometimes Isaac will go into the front or back yard and pick a couple of flowers for me. Or if he is out on an adventure with Joel they will stop on their way home and get a Read more »

Sesame Street

Does anyone else miss going to indoor performances? Taking Isaac to see Sesame Street live was such a fun activity for our family. Elmo is his favorite character and he was so happy to take this photo. Can’t wait to do more activities like this again soon now that things are opening back up. Read more »

Sharing a favorite photo

Found this photo on my phone tonight and wanted to share it with you all. It’s a favorite of mine. Looking at this photo I am reminded of how far we’ve come as a family and for all of the wonderful things ahead. Read more »

Fresh Air

Our week days tend to be pretty busy. Between juggling school and work we usually don’t have much time to spend outdoors. This past year in particular we have felt cooped up during the week. That’s why we’ve made a conscious effort to spend most of our weekends outside! Whether its just a walk down a nature Read more »

Back on the Metro

Here we are enjoying a ride on the metro. Isaac loved being back on the metro for the first time since last year! Read more »

On a Boat!

Several weeks ago for our wedding anniversary, Joel rented a boat for us to spend the day on! In the middle of our time, it broke down! This is our “hmmmm not sure what’s happening” face! Ha! It’s always an adventure with him. Fortunately we made it back to to dock and enjoyed the rest of our day Read more »

Summer Plans

Posting this throwback photo from a trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Travel looks a lot different these days with a busy five year old, but I always cherish these memories that Joel and I made before we had kids. Now that the weather is warmer we are starting to talk about what we want to do this summer and are considering Read more »

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