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Joel, Sara, and Isaac

Hello! We are Joel, Sara and Isaac a Loving and Supportive family of 3 (plus our dog, Scruffy)!

Hello! We are Joel, Sara and Isaac a loving and supportive family of 3 (plus our dog, Scruffy) looking to grow our family again through adoption. We admire the courageous decision you’ve made to make an adoption plan for your child and we welcome you into our hearts. Since we met 13 years ago, our hope has been to build a home full of unconditional love and laughter and we are eager to adopt another baby to help fulfill this dream.

We believe compassion, self-sacrificial love and curiosity are essential to living life to the fullest. We will do everything in our power to make sure that his baby has a happy and carefree childhood, a great education and is exposed to diverse interests.

If God gives us another baby to love our hearts will grow tremendously. Adopting Isaac has been the single most live-giving and joyous event in our life together and I know that it will be the same if we are blessed with another baby. Fun changes that we will make will include converting the guest bedroom into a nursery, pulling baby clothes and gear out of storage and getting our hearts and home ready for another little bundle of joy to join our life.

Both Joel and I are deeply faithful Christians who grew up in the church and now practicing as adults. We also aim to raise our children in the faith teaching them at a young age about Christ's love for us, his sacrifice and our calling to love and serve God and others. Through adoption, we see the work of Christ in our life, for just as we aim to adopt a child to love, so Christ has adopted us into his family. For us, there is no higher calling or blessing then to adopt a child to love. To care and provide for their needs. To cultivate and grow their gifts and to provide them with every opportunity needed to grow and flourish.

We are comfortable with both an open and semi open adoption. We were honored to be able to get to know Isaac's birth parents and for this adoption we would hope to get to know the birth parents and potentially visit them in person even after the baby is born.

We are home study approved and certified to adopt a child. Our hope is to build a relationship with any family that would entrust us with their child but we respect any level of privacy you may want. We are open to adopting the child that God intends for us regardless of race or ethnicity.

We have a team of professionals ready to go and we are able to meet your needs and help empower you to make the best decision for you and your baby. We are humbled by your consideration and look forward to meeting you.

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Who We Are

We met at a mutual friend's wedding in Mexico. After Joel caught Sara’s eye in a pre-wedding photobook, the bride-to-be rearranged the seating chart for us to sit together. So excited to meet this handsome man, Sara planned the perfect outfit for the big introduction. The morning of the rehearsal, however, Sara went down to grab some breakfast, un-showered, no make-up, and bumped into Joel!

We immediately hit it off and quickly discovered we both grew up in similar environments and shared the same values. We laugh that it took two Iowa kids who grew up only three hours apart, 20 years and a trip to Mexico to meet!

Our relationship is built on the foundation of our shared core values of trust, deep mutual respect and sacrificial love.

Our hearts grew again when Isaac joined our family 5 years ago through adoption. We have an open relationship with his birth mother and father and have an open line of communication with them. Even though we live in different parts of the country, we’ve been able to visit a couple of times since Isaac was born. Isaac will be a wonderful big brother! He is a curious, kind, adventurous little boy and is so excited by the possibility of having a baby brother or sister to play with.

Adoption Diary

Lighting The Unity Candle

Lighting the unity candle at our wedding. This was one of my favorite rituals that we did during the ceremony. To us, it represents joining together as one unit to love, respect and cherish one another. Grateful for this marriage that God has blessed us with.

Texas Hold’Em

This photo was from a couple of years ago when we were visiting a historical site that took old time photos. Joel was teaching Isaac how to play Texas Hold’Em. Teaching Isaac about different time periods throughout history is important to use and we hope to instill in him a love for history, people and culture.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Joel, Sara, and Isaac

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Joel, Sara, and Isaac