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Strength & empowerment!

On this International Women’s Day we are thinking of all of these strong women who teach us about the gift of unconditional love! ❤️ We are so blessed to have the best Mom, Mother-in-law, Grandmas in heaven watching over us, & sisters. They are always there to support us and are great role models to our son. Read more »

National Cereal Day!

We celebrated National Cereal Day by eating some of our favorite cereals! We love Corn Flakes, Cheerios, & Frosted Mini Wheats to name a few! Read more »

The doctor is in!

The doctor is in! Our little boy is having fun checking his Daddy out. The doctor says the patient has many different types of “-otosis” but he’s getting good care! Read more »

Big brother in training!

Our son can’t wait to pass on his love of reading to his newest brother or sister through the beautiful gift of adoption. We love to curl up with good books to go on adventures, enjoy a story, or learn new things! Read more »

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

We continued our Dr. Seuss fun by making Thing 1 & Thing 2 with our little Cat in the Hat! We can’t wait to pass on our love of reading to our next little one! Read more »

We love to read!!!

We love to read in this house! As a former teacher (currently a stay at home Mom) I guess it’s in my blood!! We read a lot of books throughout the day and before bed and our son can recite many from memory. We are getting ready for Dr. Seuss Day by reading some of his best books & doing some crafts to go along with it! Read more »

“Hole” lot of love!!

We have a “hole” lot of love in our hearts for each other!!! And we have so much love that we are excited to share with our newest addition to our family through the beautiful gift of adoption. We had so much fun making these homemade cinnamon sugar air fryer donuts together. So yummy!! Read more »

Seal walk with Nanny!

So much fun taking a seal walk with my Mom / Nanny at the beach today! While we didn’t see any seals, we had so much fun together! We are so blessed to have such a loving family and that we live so close to everyone! Our son is so lucky to have grandparents, aunts, uncles, & other family & friends who brighten up Read more »

Making breakfast fun!

We tried out our new pancake skillet today & made yummy apple emoji pancakes! Of course we had to make the faces to go with our pancakes! Read more »

Snow melting fun!

It is so nice to finally see the grass & get a little break from the snow! After we took a scooter ride in the neighborhood and played some sports in the backyard, we had some fun chiseling the ice with some of the tools from our son’s workbench. He had a ball! Read more »

Kindess & Gratitude!

Here is our latest blog from our adoption website! Be sure to visit our website to learn more about our family and read more blog entries / see more photos!—- Last week was “National Random Acts of Kindness Day.” In our house and family, we are always trying to do kind things for one another, friends, family, and Read more »

Nighttime snuggles!

We love our nighttime snuggles!! So great ending the long day with a bunch of stories, songs, and prayers! Nothing beats the peaceful end to the day & we love that our son knows the routine so well & looks so forward to it! Read more »

Vitamin “sea” & snowballs!

We enjoyed catching up on our vitamin “sea” today at the beach! It was a first to throw snowballs while watching the waves crash, but it was the perfect day & so nice to see the sun and get out. We can’t wait to bring another little one on our family adventures! Read more »

Dinosaur Adventures

We love our family adventures, whether it is outside exploring nature or having our own fun indoors. We pretended we were on a dinosaur adventure, digging up fossils, and examining what types of dinosaurs they were. It may have been a little messy, but boy is it lots of fun! Read more »

Indoor snow fun!

We had some indoor snow fun! We used food coloring & water to ‘paint’ snow, make little snowmen, & snowballs & slushies! Fun way to enjoy the snow while still staying warm! ❄️ Read more »

Cooking adventures!

We LOVE to cook & try new recipes. Before the pandemic, we would try to go out to eat about once a week to give us something to do as a family. Now, we have been trying to recreate some of our favorite meals. For Valentine’s Day we decided to try a lobster risotto, a dish my husband & I loved to eat at our favorite Read more »

A great Valentine’s Day!

We had so much fun reading the book Love Monster with our son and then we made our own! We continued a great Valentine’s Day with lots of yummy appetizers, a homemade lobster risotto, & a delicious chocolate cream pie for dessert! While we love to show our love for each other every day, it was a perfect day at home Read more »


We had so much fun making this fingerprint heart canvas with our son! We can’t wait to add another set of fingerprints!! Read more »

Big brother excitement!

We love how excited our son is to become a big brother through the beautiful gift of adoption! He can’t wait to feed the baby his or her bottle, play games with him or her, and make the baby laugh. Nothing will give us more joy in life than watching their bond grow over the years! We cannot wait for this dream to become a Read more »

Snow day!

We had so much fun in the snow these last two days! We made forts, had snowball fights, said down the snowy slide, & more! We can’t wait to have another little one to share these fun times with! ❄️ Read more »

Slime time!

We enjoyed a cozy day inside to avoid yet really cold weather outside! We had so much fun making ooey, gooey slime! It was fun making it and watching it stretch all over! Read more »

Dinner time!

We sure love to cook & try new recipes! Today we enjoyed some classic dishes for Italian style Sunday cooking. We had sauce & meatballs cooking all day and made eggplant parm! We used Mike’s Grandma’s recipe, which his Dad passed to me. I still remember sitting in Mike’s apartment and his Dad telling me how to Read more »

Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near

The cardinal is such a special and important sign in our family. It is a constant reminder that our loved ones are near and guiding us through the ups and downs in life. The cardinal has always reminded us of our grandparents and that is why we made this special gift for my Mom and Dad using our son’s handprints. It is Read more »

Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near

The cardinal is such a special and important sign in our family. It is a constant reminder that our loved ones are near and guiding us through the ups and downs in life. The cardinal has always reminded us of our grandparents and that is why we made this special gift for my Mom and Dad using our son’s handprints. It is Read more »

Winter craft fun!

We had lots of inside fun on this cold day! We made cotton ball snowmen and marshmallow snowflakes. We love our fun family time together! Read more »

Bedtime snuggles!!

We love our bedtime snuggles, prayers, and stories with our little boy! It is the perfect way to end a long day! We cannot wait to add even more cuddles & snuggles when we can add another little angel to our family through the beautiful gift of adoption! Our son is beyond excited to eventually become a big brother and we Read more »

New Year’s Thoughts

Home is where the heart is…and that’s where we have spent most of 2020! It’s been sad to spend so much less time with family & friends, have vacations cancelled, miss out on celebrations, and worry about what is going on in the world. In spite of it all, we wouldn’t change all the extra family time we had Read more »

Cozy Christmas!!

We had such a wonderful, cozy Christmas!! It was so relaxing enjoying yummy foods, festive music & movies, and the lights of the tree, fireplace, & decorations. It was so much fun playing reindeer ring toss & singing out loud! And it was so magical watching our son experience all of the magic of the season & Read more »

Cookie Bake 2020!

What an exciting few days of cookie baking! Baking Christmas cookies has been one of our favorite holiday traditions, going back to when Mike and I started dating. We were crazy enough to continue the tradition only a few weeks after our son was born, baking cookies as he sat in his bouncer in the kitchen. Now, he so enjoys Read more »

Snow much fun!

We had so much fun today playing out in the snow with our son! We were able to make snow angels, throw snowballs, and attempted to make a snowman. It is so much fun watching the excitement in his eyes and enjoying this special time together. We can’t wait to add another little one to our family to get to experience Read more »

Movie night & hot cocoa!

We have been loving watching our favorite Christmas movies by the light of the Christmas tree & fireplace! You feel so festive watching these great movies, like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Elf, Polar Express, Home Alone, The Santa Clause, The Star, It’s a Wonderful Life, and more! And boy do the 3 Read more »

Light show!

We had such a fun time at the Holiday Light Show at the beach! Such a fun and festive way to get into the holiday spirit! Read more »

Breakfast fun!

We had so much fun making Santa waffles this morning! We are so excited for Christmas and hope to have another little one to be able to enjoy our special holiday traditions with real soon! We have been having a blast decorating the inside and outside of our house, decorating the tree, making ornaments, and driving /walking Read more »

Thankful times!

What a wonderful week this has been! As tough as 2020 has been, we are so thankful for the love of our family and the love and support of all of our family and friends. While we give thanks for the love of our family every day, we are especially thankful this year for our love, health, and to be on this journey to add another Read more »

Reminiscing about 9 years ago…

There is so much to be thankful for, especially this week. Even though 2020 has thrown us many curveballs and challenges, I am forever thankful for the love of my family. Tomorrow celebrates 9 years since Mike and I began dating. I will never forget getting ready to meet him for the first time for lunch after talking for a Read more »

Beautiful Fall Weekend!

What a beautiful few Fall days we have been having! Tyler and I have had so much fun playing in big leaf piles! Mike and Tyler were playing baseball and Tyler was really hitting the ball so hard! We also had a great time taking our Christmas pictures this weekend. Tyler had a blast seeing Santa and is so excited for all of Read more »

We are so excited to start this journey!

We are so excited to start this journey and share our profile with you! It is so adorable hearing our son ask who is brother or sister is and when he will have one. We are so hoping to make his dream become a reality and give him a lifetime buddy to spend time with. It is so cute hearing him talk about how he is going to take Read more »

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