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Our Story

When Mike and I met, we knew we found the one and instantly our lives changed. What we thought would be a quick lunch at a local pub turned into over three hours and we both couldn’t wait for the next date. There was such an easiness being together and it felt like we knew each other forever.
We quickly met each other’s families and they all knew that we would be together forever. Jen’s two sisters began predicting when we would get engaged (which they correctly guessed!) and we each became part of the other’s family right from the beginning.
We got engaged at the beach, which is our favorite spot. We had a beautiful wedding and were so blessed by God to be joined together in love with all of our family and friends.
Mike and I truly cherish all of our time together. We knew we wanted to start a family right away, but unfortunately the journey was long and difficult, but we never gave up hope. We enjoyed vacations to beach locations, Niagara Falls, and Disney. We spent holidays with our families and started many traditions that we continue to do with our son today.

After a few years of fertility treatments, we were finally blessed with our miracle son, Tyler. He is truly the light of our world. His smile and warmth light up our hearts and he brings so much joy to us, our family, and friends. I took a leave from my career as an elementary school teacher to be a stay at home Mom and it has been my biggest honor and privilege watching him grow.
Mike, Tyler, and I love every second together. We take long walks at the beach, local preserves and parks, or just around the neighborhood. We like to play baseball in the backyard, ride bikes, and roast marshmallows at the fire pit. We like to cuddle up and watch movies, go out to eat, and play board games. We love to swim in my mom and dad’s pool, visit aquariums, museums, and have brunch or dinners with our family. We love keeping up the traditions Mike and I started. We love to go strawberry picking, pumpkin picking, see animals at the farm, go apple picking with our family, visit Santa, and bake HUNDREDS of Christmas cookies to give to our family and friends.
Nighttime is such a special time for our family. We eat together every night, say grace before meals, and love to talk about our day. We read Tyler many books before going to sleep, say our prayers, and sing songs.
We have so much support from our loving parents, brothers and sisters and family members. They are so excited to welcome this new family member into their lives and watch him or her grow into our loving hearts and home.
Our closest friends are like family and have been a part of our lives for so many years, some since we were just a few years old. Their children have become Tyler’s closest friends and it is so special watching the next generation of buddies grow up together and create memories as we all look on.

As soon as Tyler was born, we knew we wanted him to have siblings. It has always been a dream of ours to have a large family. Unfortunately, our fertility struggles continued but we knew we could not give up on our dreams. And so we began our adoption process in hopes of bringing another baby into our hearts and lives. We would be so blessed to share love, life, laughs, joy, happiness, and everyday moments with our new daughter or son, brother or sister. We cannot wait to share his/her story with him. I can’t wait to tell him or her that “I may never have carried you inside me, but I have carried you in my heart forever. You have been wished for and loved more than you will ever know.”
When we got married, Mike and I always vowed to welcome children lovingly from God, whether it was through me being pregnant or through adoption. We know we have so much love to give and so look forward to watching Tyler be a big brother.
While our hearts are exploding with love in the times we spend together and we cherish every single moment, we know there is a missing piece of our family puzzle. Our family is filled with so much love but we have one more piece to make our family complete. Then our story will not end, but will only continue its next chapter with new stories to tell, more love to share, and more incredible memories to make that will last a lifetime.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a beautiful home in the suburbs on Long Island, New York. We recently renovated our home to add more bedroom and playroom space for our son and future children.
We live in a tight-knit community and have wonderful neighbors on a quiet block. We are close to the beach and have many stores, park, libraries, churches, and restaurants around us.
We live within minutes of Jen's parents and siblings and all of our friends and their children are only a short distance away.
We love all of the community interaction and events from parades on Memorial Day and other holidays, as well as programs for children offered at our local library. We love exploring the local parks in our neighborhood, as well as exploring the parks and preserves in neighboring towns. We live in a great school district and feel blessed to have become part of this town since we bought our house when we got married!

Meet Jen!

adoptive family photo - Meet Jen! I am the oldest of 5 children, born to two loving parents who always sacrificed everything to give us the best life possible. My parents just celebrated being married for 40 years, and their love is such a gift and an example for Mike and I to follow. They filled our home with lots of love and we always had lots of fun with family movie nights, swimming in the pool, barbeques, and just being together.
My Mom is always there for me. She and I talk on the phone every day and see each other often during the week. She is so invested in everything I do and is an amazing Nanny to Tyler. My Dad is always there to help us with whatever we need. He is Mr. Fix-It! He is always so selfless and does everything he can to help all of us. It brings so much joy to my heart watching what an incredible Poppy he is to Tyler. I am truly blessed to have them in my lives.
Growing up, we lived next door to my maternal grandparents. I had such a special relationship with my Nana and Papa. Papa would love to make us waffles in the morning, which I carry on his tradition and do for Mike and Tyler. Nana was so loving. I remember sitting on her lap at a very early age singing songs and being silly. I could tell her everything and she was an angel on Earth.
I also so loved visiting my paternal grandmother, Mama. We had so much fun going to visit her house and play with the toys she had for us. She always had 3 Musketeers Bars and Milky Way bars waiting for us in the fridge!
I am very close with my two brothers and two sisters. Even though there is an 11 year age gap between me and my youngest siblings, we are all so close and love hanging out together. We all have a big family group text to share what is going on and we all live close by.
My closest friends, cousin, and aunts and uncles are all so incredibly special to me and it means the world to me to have such an incredibly close bond with them. It is so wonderful watching my friend's children who are like nieces and nephews to me and my cousin's son share special times with Tyler. It is beyond special having friends who became family.
I was an elementary school teacher for years before having Tyler. It was an absolute joy and privilege watching these children learn and grow educationally and socially. It always amazed me how much they grew with their reading, writing, and math skills.
I love to cook and bake. I am always trying new recipes and it so much fun to make new things. I also love to go to the beach and the pool and spend time with my family and friends.
My dream in life was always to be a loving wife and mother. My dream sure came true with Mike and Tyler. They always put the biggest smile on my face and I thank God everyday for bringing them into my life. I truly enjoy being home with Tyler to watch him grow. I cannot wait to welcome another child into my heart and home and be able to watch Tyler develop the same close relationship with his new brother or sister that I have with mine!

Mike on Jen:
To tell a story about Jen is like reading a love story that never ends. She is always there to help everyone, friends and family, and always wants to make them smile. She was the loving and caring person I was searching for. I know Jen will be an amazing mother, the way she already is to Tyler. I know Jen loves me and Tyler so much and I know she will give that love to our next child.

Meet Mike!

adoptive family photo - Meet Mike! I grew up in a very loving home with my Mom and Dad and did so many activities, similar to what we now do with Tyler. I also have an older sister and two nieces.
My Mom, Dad, and I had a lot of fun growing up together. I used to love going fishing with them at Shinnecock Canal. We are big New York Yankees fans and loved watching the games together. We also would take trips to Connecticut to watch their minor league team play and loved our trips to Cooperstown to go the Hall of Fame. I played baseball all through school even into college, and I loved having the support of my parents as I pitched during the games.
I enjoyed my time growing up with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. My Grandpa used to love that I enjoyed going to eat a good Italian meal rather than going to McDonald’s or another fast food place. Jen and I loved going to visit my Grandmother at her apartment. She was so excited when Tyler was born. She loved when we came to visit and would order lunch and she’d always have cookies and ice cream for dessert for us to enjoy.
Unfortunately, my Mom got sick as I got older and had to go into a nursing home. My Dad was so dedicated to her and it was amazing to see how he would visit her every day and do everything he could to take care of her. They had a wonderful marriage, even with all their struggles, and I strive to be the same husband to Jen that my Dad was to my Mom. My Dad passed away a few years ago, which was very hard and I miss him every day. I always wish he got to meet Tyler because he would have loved playing with him, but I know he is watching over all of us.
I have a very close group of friends that I have known since preschool or early elementary school. We are like family and have had great memories growing up together. It is so nice hanging out with our wives and kids now, watching the next generation grow up together.
I work in Human Resources and have a great group of co-workers. I love my job and always find what I do very interesting.
Family is the most important thing to me. I love spending time with Jen and Tyler and love passing on the same family traditions I did with my parents and creating our own new ones. They always put the biggest smile on my face.
I can’t wait to welcome another child into our home. It was the most amazing feeling becoming a Dad and I can’t wait to have that experience once again and watch Tyler become a big brother to his baby brother or sister!

Jen on Mike
Mike is the most amazing man and I am so blessed to call him my husband. His strength and positivity through all of life’s challenges truly inspire me and help make me a better person. He is so loving and protective of me and I always feel so safe with him. He puts the biggest smile on my face, makes me laugh, and makes me feel so loved. He is the most loving, dedicated father to Tyler. The world is a better place because of Mike’s shining light.

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