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Christmas is coming…

Two things.

1. I wouldn’t normally post twice in a day, but here we are. I had to share this adorable photo.
2. Note that we won’t begin decoration prior to Thanksgiving. It’s an unofficial rule…

I just needed to share how adorable Robyn is right now. She LOVES Christmas. Neither of us celebrates the holiday for the religious aspects of it (although we respect those who do), but it is really important for us to celebrate the special holiday with our (future) kids. And, if we’re being honest, winter in Minnesota gets long - we’ll take all the holidays we can get.

Long story short, Robyn went shopping for Christmas decorations today, and was so excited to show me all of the things she got (on steep discount) for us to decorate our home for the season. I can’t wait for us to have our own family holiday traditions, including decorating the house, a real tree, and spending Christmas Eve with extended family (grandparents) opening presents, and Christmas Day opening presents with just us, while eating homemade (at least, freshly baked) cinnamon rolls in pajamas.

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