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Another Monday :)

Here we go - another Monday has come around for us, which means it’s time for a new week!

We’re both working from home right now (COVID), so Mondays look a little different than they used to. We get up, take care of the pups, drink some coffee (pictured: Fawkes’ favorite mug), and get started on our days by 8a. Fawkes works in the basement office (it’s not so bad), and Robyn is upstairs in the future nursery.

The both of us are very grateful to have been able to continue working our regular careers during this pandemic. We both miss our colleagues, and Robyn misses her students (teaching online is not ideal), but we’ve been making the most of a difficult situation. Fawkes, in particular, is going to have a hard time readjusting to not wearing sweatpants to work every day.

Anyway, we’re off to start our days, keeping in mind that, although the weather is cold and dreary outside, we’re pretty lucky to be where we are.

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