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A (sort of) lazy Saturday.

Each Saturday looks a little different for us, but they almost always start with sleeping in, cuddling the dogs, then having a delicious, home-cooked breakfast. We both enjoy cooking, but Robyn has really embraced the sourdough starter-COVID life and uses cooking as an outlet. Today’s menu: sourdough wheat pancakes. (Robyn likes them with chocolate chips and blueberries, but Fawkes likes them with sunflower seeds instead.)

This particular Saturday, we’re going to walk the pups over to their grandparents’ house and chat (outside) for a while, then head over to our podmates’ house for dinner and games.

We’ve made a conscious decision about podding with four friends for the long winter months - it involves getting regular COVID tests, being transparent about exposure and symptoms, and otherwise getting to enjoy a sort of normal life. Kind of. Until March or so (when our friends’ baby is due!) we plan to spend each Saturday evening with them in community. After baby arrives, well, we’ll have to revisit.

Other weekend activities will include skiing, hiking, or ice skating (when the weather cooperates), doing house projects (they never end!), or reading a book cozied up under a blanket.

Now, for some coffee, a nice walk with the dogs, and some light household chores. Happy Saturday!

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