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Our Story

Since we began dating eight years ago and were married three years, we knew almost immediately we had embarked on a lifelong journey that would eventually include having children of our own. We shared so many similar life experiences and we even shared a background of being adopted ourselves.

We both have successful and fulfilling careers and have lived in California the majority of our lives. James is a professor at two colleges and a professional entertainer. Matthew is in HR and works remotely at home full-time.

As we have become uncles and are close with our niece and nephew (James teaches them weekly piano lessons) we have both become so excited about starting our own family.

We have been so blessed to have an amazing family that is supportive and encouraging about growing our own family.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home has become a truly magical and peaceful place for us. We have had the good luck of finding a four-bedroom house in a beautiful area that’s gated and a newly built home.

We absolutely love our neighbors, our backyard, and the spacious living area. Our kitchen is the center of our home and we love cooking in it. We live in a great community with a wonderful school district. Our neighborhood is spacious and beautiful, complete with wonderful parks and playgrounds. There are plenty of children in our neighborhood.

We have two pugs, Penny and Petey Pug and they are both very energetic, gentle, humorous, fun, friendly, cuddle crazy and loving.

We love to spend time together with our family and friends. Holidays are the best when our family comes and celebrates with us.


adoptive family photo - Matthew I grew up in Southern California as the oldest of two with my sister . Both my sister and I were adopted when we were infants. To us we really never felt like we were adopted, we always knew and in our family it was always unconditional love and support.

Our family always valued doing stuff together as we grew up - trips, holidays, family time with aunts/uncles and cousins, everything we did revolved around our family and we had the best experiences and adventures.

Today we continue that bond and even though our family has grown and changed, family is still the core of everything we do.

Matthew works in HR and works remotely from home as he has done for for the last four years and has made that a priority with building a family.


adoptive family photo - James I grew up in the south in Houston, Texas where I was raised with my younger sister and was adopted by my father at age 4.

Before settling in Los Angeles, I also lived in Phoenix, Sacramento, New York City, and New Haven where I attended Yale to complete my Doctorate in Music.

I always loved music and I started playing the piano at eight years old, and little did I know it would become my career. We always had music and dogs in the house and I always loved time with my family playing games, celebrating holidays, and birthdays.

Having an amazingly supportive and loving family, I moved to Los Angeles to persue my entertainment dreams, where I have been very lucky to find myself in constant demand working for two colleges, and teaching a wonderful group of students of all ages. I am lucky to love my work and be able to continue doing most of it from home.

I have always looked forward to the day I could share my passions with my own children.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Matthew and James

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Matthew and James