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The Last Warm Days of Fall

Today was a gift. I wish I could say it in a way that felt less… sentimental. But the truth is with the temperature at 72 degrees and small gentle waves (with the water so warm that you could brave a quick dip in just your wetsuit) it felt like such a gift to be able to commune with friends (safely) and share some waves. The best parts of the day were teaching our littlest friend the word “innovation” (context: we were playing ‘trucks’ and trying to teach another little friend the ‘joy’s of sharing. The little friend suggested we make multiple sand castles for the two boys to to smash their toy trucks though, versus the one each I’d been making)  and the SEAL who showed up, nearly knocking David off his board but swimming playfully as he caught small stripers in the break. Even the sea life was feeling the wonder of the off-season warm day. We pointed out the seal to our little friends. They clapped and whirled with excitement. And it while we all snapped pictures it felt like a day both typical and unusual all at the same time.

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Aeriel and Dave