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This week I’m thinking about holidays! Holidays bring up a lot of emotions and I’m wondering how you’re feeling during this time? There’s something about the changing of leaves, the drop in temperature, the putting away of swimsuits and short and sun hats and the pulling out of thick sweaters, that makes people get a little anxious. Maybe that’s because fall is a transitional season and transitions can be really hard.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I’m trying to plan for what holidays will look like this year in this ... unusual time. Normally we pack up the car full of baked goods and veggies and travel down the East Coast to visit family. It’s one of my favorite parts of fall. Thanksgiving mornings we all do a Turkey trot (even though I’m an excruciatingly slow runner as you can tell by my face in this pic from a trot a few years back) and then reward ourselves with a big meal (with lots of cheese, sweet potatoes both with AND without marshmallows and of course, kimchee since David is Korean). The weekend is absolute chaos with furiously working hands and two dogs chasing each other and sticky hands asking to be picked up. But it’s wonderful. My favorite part of the day is the early mornings when it’s just me and one little girl having our special coffee time morning together (one day per little girl).

While I’m obviously excited to share all of this with a child, I’m wondering more about you. Are you a marshmallow or no marshmallow person? Do you eat your turkey with a side of lasagne like we did at my house? And more importantly, how are you handling this time of transition.


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