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Growing Up Aeriel

For as long as I can remember, I’ve known how to juggle. I’ve also known how to spin pie plates and walk tight rope and balance while riding a unicycle. My parents—who met in clown college—were in theater. And when were little, they decided that it was pointless to have a family if you weren’t going to be together. So they taught us circus skills and taught us how to play instruments and packed us into a van where we were all part of a touring show. We loved it—being together on stage, seeing large parts of the east coast as a family. The focus on the arts and creativity was something that has stayed with me to this day and it’s something David and I share. Thankfully we stopped touring right as I hit those embarrassed-by-everything early teenage years, but the values the show instilled in me—the ability to adapt, the love of the arts, the love of travel, the value of family, the importance of a good laugh—all stay with me today. I can’t wait to share these values with a child. And maybe even teach them how to juggle a little.

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Aeriel and Dave

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Aeriel and Dave