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Family Vacation, As Written By Our Niece

Written and sent through the actual mail by one of our nieces, this little piece captures our house and the chaos and quiet of our annual family vacation together perfectly.

“Standing at the edge of the dock at my aunt and uncle’s house, I gaze at the glistening water. The waves gently lap at the support beams, making a soft splashing sound. Little white moons of jellyfish bob along in the water close to the dock and I turn around to walk back to the house. Smooth and well-worn, the dock creaks and groans as I stroll along it. Stepping onto the grassy clearing that surrounds the house, the salty smell of the ocean disappears and the fresh, earthy fragrance of the woods takes its place. Then, the sound of feet pounding on the ground, like a herd of elephants joins the peaceful sounds of birds chirping. My younger cousins and siblings run excitedly up to me. Visiting my aunt and uncle’s house every year with my family is one of the things I look forward to each summer.”


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Snapshots of our lives in real time (mostly written by Aeriel)

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