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A Letter To You From A Friend

My husband and I have known David and Aeriel for over ten years. We first met at church and bonded over our mutual love of surfing and have been friends ever since.

Dave and Aeriel are kind, generous, reliable, hard-working, sincere, thoughtful,  passionate, dedicated, and active friends and people. It’s apparent that their relationship with each other is based upon mutual admiration and respect; it feels good to be around them because they are a team and want the best for each other.

There is nothing that would make more sense than for David and Aeriel to become parents and we wholeheartedly and without any reservations recommend them as adoptive parents. They have always shown interest, care, empathy, and playfulness toward our own children, now ages 5 and 7. We’ve spent many summers with them at the beach and I have many
good memories of the time David and Aeriel spent not only with us but with our children: David playing with our truck-obsessed toddler son with a favorite blue truck; Aeriel building sand castles and playing in the waves with our toddler son; David delighting our toddler son with a body board ride; Aeriel keeping our baby happy during dinnertime with lots of smiles and chatting to him. 

When we struggled with our older son’s life-threatening food allergies, David and Aeriel consistently checked in with us and offered sincere support. They genuinely care about us and our childrens’ well-being.
It’s with joy that I have watched their relationship with my kids grow to the point that our older son will hand-deliver a warm chocolate chip cookie to David or tease Aeriel about never having eaten a Shake Shack burger before. Our children are always excited to see them and happy when we get together.

It’s always been clear to me that David and Aeriel have respect for children and a genuine desire and ability to connect with kids. I know they enjoy a close relationship with their nieces and nephews and prioritize consistent time with them. David and Aeriel are in tune with children, looking out for their needs and helping to make their world more fun or safe or approachable.

We are so happy to recommend them as adoptive parents!

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