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Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Year of the Ox! Those born during this time are said to be diligent and hardworking. Did you know Obama and Malala were also born during the year of the Ox? Pretty great company. Look at all they achieved! :) Lunar New Year is culturally important to us in our household. Every year we made a traditional Korean soup called teuk gukk which has a light broth, brisket, egg and Korean rice cakes. It’s meant to bring good luck for the whole rest of the year. This is one of the many ways that we celebrate and honor Read more »

What Kind of Parents Will We Be?

I feel like this is the ultimate question right? And I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. While it’s hard to speculate (since, we’re not parents yet) this is what I can tell you based on what kind of aunt and uncle and friends we are. We will be hands on — we’re always the first people Read more »

Family Vacation, As Written By Our Niece

Written and sent through the actual mail by one of our nieces, this little piece captures our house and the chaos and quiet of our annual family vacation together perfectly. “Standing at the edge of the dock at my aunt and uncle’s house, I gaze at the glistening water. The waves gently lap at the support beams, Read more »

A Letter To You From A Friend

My husband and I have known David and Aeriel for over ten years. We first met at church and bonded over our mutual love of surfing and have been friends ever since. Dave and Aeriel are kind, generous, reliable, hard-working, sincere, thoughtful,  passionate, dedicated, and active friends and people. It’s apparent Read more »

Building A Shed

One of my favorite things about David is his ability to problem solve. The other, is his insatiable curiosity and desire to learn new things. In our twelve years together he’s learned to surf, brushed off his sailing skills, learned Korean, perfected a few dishes and so many more. I’m always in awe of the way he Read more »

Crying Cakes and Colleges

“L was broken up with today,” K told me on the phone. L is sixteen, a smart and savvy high school senior. We’d watched over the summer as she’d fallen in love for the first time and when her boyfriend moved back to his hometown with his family, we waited for the inevitable even as she swore they were Read more »

Growing Up Aeriel

For as long as I can remember, I’ve known how to juggle. I’ve also known how to spin pie plates and walk tight rope and balance while riding a unicycle. My parents—who met in clown college—were in theater. And when were little, they decided that it was pointless to have a family if you weren’t going to Read more »

The Last Warm Days of Fall

Today was a gift. I wish I could say it in a way that felt less… sentimental. But the truth is with the temperature at 72 degrees and small gentle waves (with the water so warm that you could brave a quick dip in just your wetsuit) it felt like such a gift to be able to commune with friends (safely) and share some Read more »

A Warm November Day

We’ve been incredibly lucky during the pandemic to pod up with two of our closest friends at our house near the beach. While keeping our circle tight has been hard (who hasn’t had to give something up during this time?) we’ve been so lucky to be able to spend a lot of time together in nature. We are so Read more »

Hello! First Entry

This week I’m thinking about holidays! Holidays bring up a lot of emotions and I’m wondering how you’re feeling during this time? There’s something about the changing of leaves, the drop in temperature, the putting away of swimsuits and short and sun hats and the pulling out of thick sweaters, that Read more »

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