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Aeriel and Dave

In our home we value creativity, honesty, curiosity & play, and to think that it's ok to fall down from time to time.

You will always be your child's parent. That's the first thing we want you to know. No matter what path you choose, you will not stop being your child's first parent. We are hoping for an open adoption—one where your story will be honored and known by your child.

About us: We're Aeriel and David, a loving, joyful, creative couple living in New York. We’re very lucky to have a close, loving relationship and with twelve years under our belts. We’ve built a life together as collaborators, cheerleaders, advisors on problems big and small, playmates and of course, deeply committed partners. We each bring to the relationship a deep sense of adventure, curiosity and wonder about the world around us—things we hope to instill in a child. We hope that in our home your child will learn to value creativity, honesty, curiosity and play, and to understand that it’s ok to fall down from time to time. We want to provide a loving, supportive, encouraging home where your child can flourish.

While we are deeply grateful that you're taking to time to read this and get to know us a little, we're also are looking forward to getting to know you. It takes courage to make even first steps towards an adoption plan for your child. We hope to have the opportunity to honor that courage through our parenting and also through an open adoption.

Aeriel is kind, funny and nurturing. She’s a loyal friend who is always willing to listen. She’s also a great story teller—something she learned growing up as part of a traveling circus (for real!).
Above all, she loves to laugh and make others laugh with her!

Likes: making up silly songs, riding bikes, surfing in warm water, travel, gardening, reading, writing, running, swimming, cooking, baking, and animals of all sorts.
Dislikes: meanness

David is steadfast, fun-loving and curious. He comes from a very large family and is very close with his 11 nieces and nephews! He’s great at puzzling out problems and gives GREAT advice. He’s also passionate about making things (like the furniture in our house and a few surfboards.

Likes: art, discovering new talents in himself and others, surfing (especially if there are dolphins), daily runs, swimming, eating (especially Korean food), fishing, driving our boat to new beaches and building things.
Dislikes: surprise parties

We met while working next door to one another in a building in Manhattan and married in a ceremony in downtown New York. We walked from the church to the reception, with what felt like the whole city cheering us on. This is the best part about New York—community is never hard to find, even when you’re just walking down the street. We feel lucky to be living this life together in such a vibrant part of the world and can’t wait to share it all.

We have one dog, who our littlest friend calls “Xiao go go” which is Chinese for little dog. Xiao loves all little kids, especially the ones that drop snacks!

One of the things we love the most about our lives is our very diverse, very close-knit group of friends. Some of these friendships date all the way back to junior high. We travel together, visiting each other in places like France, Spain, DC and Los Angeles, learn from each other, lean on each other and support one another.

We even have a regular Saturday night ‘family meal’ every week (it's a good thing we're both accomplished cooks and bakers! Everyone particularly loves it when David makes one of the Korean dishes he grew up eating or when Aeriel makes croissants). We're there to love and support one another, down to the littlest members. It’s been such a joy to watch our friend’s children grow up and they can’t wait to embrace another child into the fold.

We believe in the power of education and are within walking distance of top notch schools. We also believe that education can take many forms—like learning biology through bee keeping! Experiences are sometimes the best teachers.

We also belong to a vibrant, diverse church and attend services weekly. David grew up in a big church and even played in a Christian ska band in college. Our church community is a big part of our lives and includes several adopted children.

We're there to love and support one another, down to the littlest members. It’s been such a joy to watch our friend’s children grow up and they can’t wait to embrace another child into the fold.

Did we mention we love surfing? Aeriel taught David the first year they met and since then, it’s been a big hobby, leading us to buy a house near the beach. We spend our weekends there, even in the winter, taking beach walks, boating out to barrier islands and when it’s cold, snuggling by the fire with a good book (or three). We love learning about the animals and plant life in the ocean and will frequently fish or clam for our dinners.

It’s something we can’t wait to share.

When we’re not at the beach, we’re usually at a museum or gallery, planning a meal for one of our dinner parties or prepping some new pastry (we really love to cook and eat). We spend a lot of time with our families, including our annual Korean dinner for Lunar New Year, and our annual Thanksgiving visit with David’s sister’s family. Her littlest girl can not wait to finally be a ‘big’ cousin. Fourth of July is a big deal at our house and we all gather on our dock to watch the fireworks over the water.

David runs his own graphic design business and Aeriel is an editor at a magazine. We are both so lucky to have found careers we love, that allow us to use all of our organizational and creative skills and have enough flexibility to raise a family.

We feel so blessed to have so much joy and love in our lives. We can’t wait to harness all the love around us and guide a child to achieve their hopes and dreams. We know that life isn’t always easy and the road isn’t always smooth, but being surrounded by people who love you unconditionally, support you and can hold your hand through the rough patches makes those bumpy times just a little better.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us and our lives. We hope to hear from you and look forward to hearing your hopes for your child.

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Who We Are

We met while working in the same building, on the same floor in Manhattan. David was working at a graphic design studio and Aeriel was working next door at a photo agency. Aeriel knew they were supposed to get married about halfway through the very first date. Two years later, we did.

Now, a decade later, we divide our time between Brooklyn and the shores of Long Island. Having a toe in both place gives us ample opportunities to experience the world in all the ways we love. New York allows us to see art and shows and access to top notch education! The beach brings us back to nature. It's not unusual to see whales and dolphins in the water when we surf!

A typical weekend might include meeting friends at a city park, a trip to a museum, taking our boat out and collecting fresh mussles or fish and a surf day with our friends — all in the same weekend!

We're excited to share all of this with a child and believe that experiences can be the best teacher.

Adoption Diary

Building A Shed

One of my favorite things about David is his ability to problem solve. The other, is his insatiable curiosity and desire to learn new things. In our twelve years together he’s learned to surf, brushed off his sailing skills, learned Korean, perfected a few dishes and so many more. I’m always in awe of the way he tackles new skills and interests.

When we bought our house he decided it was lacking in just one area—we needed a shed. He bought some tools, downloaded an architectural design program, designed what is basically a tiny house and got to work. He poured concrete and added a roof in 20 degree weather. He lined the inside with insulation and plywood. He built surf racks. And he did this all by himself, with a little help from YouTube. The shed is gorgeous, with custom windows and a roofline that matches the house (we joke that he could sell the schematics!). But the best part? Knowing how much his nieces and nephews like to have camp-like sleep overs, he took extra care to build a loft —with custom window—at the side overlooking the water. While we sadly couldn’t do our traditional family beach vacation this year due to covid, it’s ready and waiting for the (not so little anymore!) girls and all their American Girl dolls next year.

Crying Cakes and Colleges

“L was broken up with today,” K told me on the phone. L is sixteen, a smart and savvy high school senior. We’d watched over the summer as she’d fallen in love for the first time and when her boyfriend moved back to his hometown with his family, we waited for the inevitable even as she swore they were staying together. When the call came, we drove over and ate carrot cake—now forever known as Crying Cake—while we talked L through her pain by recalling our own first heartbreaks and loves (the good, the bad, the embarrassing).

We met K & L at the pool where we all were every winter Saturday and Sunday, David and I splitting a lane while K & L swam their miles with L’s brother in the lane right next to us. Eventually we shared a lane, which lead to a meal, which lead to many meals which lead to essentially being taken in as honorary members of her family—her husband, her and her two teenage children.

I forgot how quickly the teen years go. One second it seemed like kids are, well, kids and the next second they’re asking your opinion on colleges and showing you spreadsheets of where they’ll be applying, asking for opinions. We’ve spent the last two months helping L with applications and portfolio editing (“The only thing you two fight about is art direction and desserts,” L quipped as we bickered over which of her photographs was better). We are bracing ourselves for her eventual departure almost as much as her parents are but excited to see her grow and glad to have helped with college selection and perfecting her recipe for Crying Cake. 

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Aeriel and Dave

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Aeriel and Dave