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Julie and Anthony

Loving Interracial Couple in NY, hoping to Adopt Our First Child

Dear Expectant Family,

Our names are Julie and Tony. Thank you for considering us on your journey to finding the perfect family for your baby. We are honored!

Tony is thoughtful and reserved. He observes the world around him and appreciates everything about it. He has taught me to slow down and take everything in. He is interested in science fiction, sailing, and loves basketball! He has played since grade school and was captain of his college team.

Julie is chatty and crafty. She spends her time singing along to musicals (she's actually good!) and attempting one Youtube craft after another. She's taught me to take risks and go on adventures. Julie learned how to kayak on the Hudson River a few years back and goes back for a paddle once a month, even in the winter!

Together we enjoy camping, going to sporting events, cooking, hiking, golfing, and finding treasures at estate sales and flea markets!

We have two dogs, Jelly and Mabel, and a cat, Tillie. All of us look forward to adding a baby to complete our family!

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Who We Are

We are fun-loving, active, and caring couple from New York. We live in a suburb 30 minutes from NYC.
Long before we met, Tony grew up in New Rochelle, Ny and Julie grew up in the South Bronx. Our paths unknowingly crossed when we took teaching jobs in the same school building in the South Bronx. We worked in separate schools within the same building.
Focused, dedicated and diligent as we were about out teaching, we never took notice of each other. Our friends now say there were at least two occasions in which we spoke , neither of us has any recollection of that.

We finally found each other on Match.com. We met for our first date outside of the school building where we'd both been working for three years! The sparks flew that night. Our humor and personalities are so similar. We grew up with the same love for family and values of honor and honesty. The same values we hope to raise our child with.

We balance each other perfectly. Tony is the calm to Julie's more energetic personality. Tony is the spontaneity to Julie's perfectly planned itinerary. We love spending time with each other or hosting friends and family for dinner parties and game nights. We love traveling and going on hikes.

We cannot wait to include our little one in all of the fun and encourage them to go on their own adventures.

Adoption Diary

Missing Warmth

In NY we are stuck in a weather no man’s land. Its neither freezing cold, nor is it warm. The temperature fluctuates from a 36° high to a 60° high from one day to the next. As I wait for “real” winter (which is beautiful here by the way) I long for warmth. It’s weather like this that make me yearn for our summers at our family’s lake house.  Just browsing my photo gallery and found this great picture of Jelly looking out at the lake this past July.


Today we are baking to destress! Julie is making use of leftover Thanksgiving cranberries to make cranberry banana bread.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Julie and Anthony

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Julie and Anthony