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Our Adoption Quilt

We are so excited to be adoptive parents! So excited, in fact, that we wanted to share our excitement with our friends and family, and we thought the best way to do that was by making an adoption quilt for our child.

We had so many friends and family that wanted to assist us with the financial part of our adoption journey and we wanted to provide them with something in turn for their generosity. We brainstormed for a while and finally decided to make a quilt.  We wanted a real life way of showing our future child just how many people worked hard to help us become a family so we asked our family and friends to donate quilt squares to help us build our quilt. When we are finished, we’re going to write everyone’s names on the squares they donated so that our child will grow up knowing just how loved they are by the community we are fortunate enough to have around us.

We have been so fortunate to have our family and friends participate and since we don’t know exactly when we will match, we have already started making it. We decided to go with a heart shape because we are already bursting with love for this child and can’t wait to be matched with a birth mother! We have saved the center heart of the quilt to put our birth mother’s name, because her strength and love for her child are at the heart of our our adoption journey and will be the foundation on which we build our family together. The quilt will be rainbow colored so that we can acknowledge the uniqueness of our family and it will always have our child’s favorite color.

We have only just started the quilt, but seeing it come together has been so incredible. We are still in awe of the generosity of our family and friends and we can’t wait to realize this incredible dream of becoming Dads.

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We Can't Wait to Be Dads!!! Follow our Adoption journey as we wait to become parents and have a wonderful time together along the way!

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Kyle and Jeremy

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Kyle and Jeremy