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Our Story

We met in the Fall of 2013 by chance at the local mall. Jeremy was working in the mobile department at Best Buy and happened to be Kyle’s cashier. A week later, we had our first date at a bowling alley, playing 2 games (Kyle won!) and talking for hours. We were surprised at how much we had in common; both coming from families of 6, our parents being from the Mid-West, growing up 30 minutes away from one another, and Kyle even working in Jeremy’s old school district. It was very clear that this was something special and we set up a second date right away. Six months later, we moved in together and started our lives as a happy couple.
While Jeremy was studying to get his education degree, Kyle worked as a
music teacher and church choir director. When Jeremy graduated, he was hired as a science teacher and we have enjoyed our summers off together traveling and spending time with family and friends.

We knew that with our strong work ethic, the importance we each place on our family and values, and the incredible examples of a happy and healthy marriage given to us by our parents, that this was the perfect match. We were excited to start our lives together and on July 1st, 2017, we got married in our home church, surrounded by our family and friends.

In September 2017, we purchased our home which is close to family and has an excellent school district with a strong sense of community.

Our Dogs-

Our wonderful dogs are Lola and Daisy. Lola entered our life as a rescue after we got married. Kyle brought her home as a surprise for Jeremy's 27th Birthday. Jeremy came outside to help unload the car and there she was, waiting to meet her new best friend. He was speechless and fell in love instantly!

Daisy joined our family just over a year later. We were visiting friends in Saratoga and met their new beautiful rescue puppy and after hours of playtime and learning that their dog had a sibling that had not been rescued yet, we knew that we were ready to welcome our next family member. A few days
later, we made the trip north again to pick up our
sweet Daisy. The two girls have been inseparable ever since.

Our Family-

We are both very lucky to have
a large, loving, and supportive family close by. Both of our parents live within 45 minutes, and our furthest sibling lives under 2 hours away.

We regularly get together to celebrate birthdays, go to the county fair, have family dinners, go on vacation to Disney and the Jersey Shore, and celebrate holidays as a family.

Kyle's Family-

Kyle's parents met while they were on a class trip to Germany in high school and have been happily married for 35 years. Kyle's dad is an engineer and his mom is a labor and delivery nurse, so she has a lot of experience with babies! In her free time, Kyle's mom sews beautiful quilts and Kyle's dad builds furniture, both hobbies Kyle enjoys doing as well. They are the proud grandparents of two grandchildren, ages 5 and 3, and can't wait for us to welcome a child of our own.

Kyle has an older brother, Ryan, and two younger sisters, Megan and Emily. Kyle's brother has two children, Abby and Logan, that are ages 5 and 3 and are so fun to be around. They live in Connecticut near Kyle's youngest sister. Our house the central point for his family and we regularly get together for barbecues, birthday parties, sporting events (Kyle's family are all Cubs fans!) and holidays!

Jeremy's Family-

Jeremy's parents met in Missouri, where Jeremy's mother grew up and Jeremy's father came to attend college. Jeremy's dad is an engineer and his mom owns a small business as a nurse practitioner. They have worked hard to reach the top of their professions and have instilled that work ethic in their 4 children. In their free time, Jeremy's parents like to travel and spend as much time as they can with their 5 grandchildren who all live close by. They are very supportive of our plans to build a family through adoption.

Jeremy has an older brother Tim, older sister Emily, and twin sister, Jillian. Jeremy's brother and his wife have three children, two girls and one boy ages 9, 7, and 3. His sister and her husband have two young boys, ages 4 and 2 and are expecting a little girl very soon! Jeremy and his sister are fraternal twins and are the best of friends. She lives in Connecticut with her boyfriend. Everyone is close by which makes getting together very easy!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home On September 30th, 2017 we bought our forever home. Our house is located just outside of town, a short 5 minute ride to Kyle's school and near the highway to both of our parents. We have a large flat front yard perfect for playing outside and our road is a great place to ride bikes! We have plenty of room for your child to learn and grow. We love to entertain at holidays, host barbecues on our deck, work in our garden, and hope to share that with your child.

Our community is a small town with great resources. There is a university, train station with access to New York City, lots of parks, and an incredible school district.

As we began our adoption journey, we decided to renovate our guest room and turn it into our dream nursery. It is important to us to have a space ready to welcome your child. Kyle's favorite kid's film is "UP", so we recreated the house and balloons from the movie. We also wanted to include the travel part of the movie and since Jeremy loves puzzles, we decided to put up a wooden puzzle of the world on the wall and hopefully visit some of these places in the future! To finish it off, we got a cozy rocker for those late sleepless nights and put in our old childhood stuffed animals to make your baby feel right at home.


adoptive family photo - Kyle Kyle- Written by Jeremy

Kyle was born in Illinois, moved to California when he was young, and then moved to New York when he was in 8th grade with his parents, his brother Ryan, and his sisters Megan and Emily. He quickly got involved in the musical, student government and choir in high school, and now that Kyle is a music teacher, he works as a director for the musical and runs a select choir. Kyle appreciates all the opportunities he had and would work hard to provide opportunities for our children.

Kyle knows how to build healthy relationships and how to maintain those relationships. He does this by communicating his feelings and knowing how to listen. It’s his thoughtful attention to his loved ones that makes me fall deeper in love with Kyle every day.

Kyle is committed to our life together and shows it many ways. On the night before our wedding, Kyle gave me a book he made of all our memories since the beginning of our relationship. He started making the book a month into dating because he knew early on that we were going to adventure through life together.

He is remarkably creative in any domestic endeavor, and he is able to share his creativity in thoughtful ways. He made masks for nurses during the pandemic, makes beautiful quilts and furniture that he frequently gifts to people, and hosts an annual Christmas party for our friends and family. Kyle is someone who could never get bored because he always has endless hobbies to enrich our home and bring us joy.

Kyle is quick-witted. When we play online games with his college friends, I love watching him laugh at his answers because it’s usually a good indicator that everyone else is going to get a good laugh too. His sense of humor and determination are what makes Kyle a great music teacher. He puts on excellent concerts and musical performances for his school and our community and it is a joy to see him doing what he loves.

Kyle is a real family man who has fun with everyone on both sides of our family and I know he will make an incredible father.


adoptive family photo - Jeremy Jeremy- Written by Kyle

Jeremy grew up in the Hudson River Valley with his parents, and 3 siblings. His childhood home is in a small suburban neighborhood and he grew up playing soccer and swimming with friends he still has today. He grew up taking piano lessons and played in a band with some of his classmates.

Our shared love of music and his dream of being a teacher made it easy for us to connect right away. I knew very early on that he was "The One". After our first date he texted right away asking when we could have our second. It was clear, this was something special.

What made me fall in love with Jeremy is how genuine he is. He'll look at you and you can see how he sees you and you can't help but want to be a better person. He is able to make connections with people that are meaningful and child-like sense of excitement immediately endears people to him. It is impossible not to be won over by Jeremy's sincerity.

We spent hours early in our relationship answering questions from a "Book of Questions" he had growing up. We learned the most fun and interesting things about one another and it became a ritual that we would do every night before we fell asleep.

When Jeremy was going to propose, he had his own "Book of Questions" made and after a hike to the top of a mountain nearby, he gave to me. We answered the questions and the last one was "Will You Marry Me?". It was so perfect and so unique to us.

Jeremy is the most loving person and has long established himself as “the fun Uncle" to our seven nieces and nephews. Our nieces and nephews always look forward to our visits because they know he loves being silly and will likely convince their parents to let us go out for ice cream! He is just a giant kid at heart.

Seeing him with our family and knowing how easy it is for him to love makes me excited to see the father he is going to be. I know that our children will be inspired by his curiosity and work ethic, warmed by his hugs and his smile, cared for with his words and his actions, comforted by his honesty and strength of character, and will always be the most important part of our lives.

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Kyle and Jeremy

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