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Kyle and Jeremy

Loving Same Sex Couple dreaming of becoming parents

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile! We are so pleased to introduce ourselves to you. We are Kyle and Jeremy and we live in the Hudson River Valley in New York. We are so happy to begin our adoption journey and can’t wait to open our home and our hearts as parents.

First, we would like to acknowledge your bravery in considering an adoption plan for your child. Your child is fortunate to have such a courageous and thoughtful parent and should you choose us to parent your child, they will always know that.

We have dreamed of being parents for a long time and promise to give your child a lifetime of love and support. As a same sex couple, we have known that adoption would be part of our life’s journey for many years and we are ready to welcome a child into our family. We promise to make your child’s dreams our dreams and love and support them as we learn and grow together as a family. Your child will have a home filled with laughter, care, family, opportunity, and security. Together, with our families, we will ensure that your child grows up feeling loved, valued, and inspired.

We are so grateful that you have taken the time to get to know us. We hope that we are able to give you a glimpse into our life and wish you strength as you make your decision.

With Love,

Kyle and Jeremy

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Who We Are

We met in the Fall of 2013 by chance at the local mall. Jeremy was working in the mobile department at Best Buy and happened to be Kyle’s cashier. A week later, we had our first date at a bowling alley, playing 2 games (Kyle won!) and talking for hours. We were surprised at how much we had in common; both coming from families of 6, our parents being from the Mid-West, growing up 30 minutes away from one another, and Kyle even working in Jeremy’s old school district. It was very clear that this was something special and we set up a second date right away. Six months later, we moved in together and started our lives as a happy couple.
While Jeremy was studying to get his education degree, Kyle worked as a
music teacher and church choir director. When Jeremy graduated, he was hired as a science teacher and we have enjoyed our summers off together traveling and spending time with family and friends.

We knew that with our strong work ethic, the importance we each place on our family and values, and the incredible examples of a happy and healthy marriage given to us by our parents, that this was the perfect match. We were excited to start our lives together and on July 1st, 2017, we got married in our home church, surrounded by our family and friends.

In September 2017, we purchased our home which is close to family and has an excellent school district with a strong sense of community.

Our Dogs-

Our wonderful dogs are Lola and Daisy. Lola entered our life as a rescue after we got married. Kyle brought her home as a surprise for Jeremy's 27th Birthday. Jeremy came outside to help unload the car and there she was, waiting to meet her new best friend. He was speechless and fell in love instantly!

Daisy joined our family just over a year later. We were visiting friends in Saratoga and met their new beautiful rescue puppy and after hours of playtime and learning that their dog had a sibling that had not been rescued yet, we knew that we were ready to welcome our next family member. A few days
later, we made the trip north again to pick up our
sweet Daisy. The two girls have been inseparable ever since.

Our Family-

We are both very lucky to have
a large, loving, and supportive family close by. Both of our parents live within 45 minutes, and our furthest sibling lives under 2 hours away.

We regularly get together to celebrate birthdays, go to the county fair, have family dinners, go on vacation to Disney and the Jersey Shore, and celebrate holidays as a family.

Kyle's Family-

Kyle's parents met while they were on a class trip to Germany in high school and have been happily married for 35 years. Kyle's dad is an engineer and his mom is a labor and delivery nurse, so she has a lot of experience with babies! In her free time, Kyle's mom sews beautiful quilts and Kyle's dad builds furniture, both hobbies Kyle enjoys doing as well. They are the proud grandparents of two grandchildren, ages 5 and 3, and can't wait for us to welcome a child of our own.

Kyle has an older brother, Ryan, and two younger sisters, Megan and Emily. Kyle's brother has two children, Abby and Logan, that are ages 5 and 3 and are so fun to be around. They live in Connecticut near Kyle's youngest sister. Our house the central point for his family and we regularly get together for barbecues, birthday parties, sporting events (Kyle's family are all Cubs fans!) and holidays!

Jeremy's Family-

Jeremy's parents met in Missouri, where Jeremy's mother grew up and Jeremy's father came to attend college. Jeremy's dad is an engineer and his mom owns a small business as a nurse practitioner. They have worked hard to reach the top of their professions and have instilled that work ethic in their 4 children. In their free time, Jeremy's parents like to travel and spend as much time as they can with their 5 grandchildren who all live close by. They are very supportive of our plans to build a family through adoption.

Jeremy has an older brother Tim, older sister Emily, and twin sister, Jillian. Jeremy's brother and his wife have three children, two girls and one boy ages 9, 7, and 3. His sister and her husband have two young boys, ages 4 and 2 and are expecting a little girl very soon! Jeremy and his sister are fraternal twins and are the best of friends. She lives in Connecticut with her boyfriend. Everyone is close by which makes getting together very easy!

Adoption Diary

Our Incredible Agency

Our Agency

Before we started our adoption journey, we did a lot of reaching about the process. I read 6 books about adoption and had Jeremy read the best 2 of those. We learned a lot about what different adoption plans and options looked like and after much discussion, we decided to pursue an adoption using an agency. Our adoption plan is important to us and we realize that the plan we make affects everyone involved. We wanted to make sure we chose a plan that was in the best interests of our birth mother and her child.

We requested materials from a number of agencies, meet with a small number of them, and were so thrilled to choose Forever Families Through Adoption. We had actually met with them the year before at a general information meeting and got a really great feeling from meeting with them. We were comforted by the fact that the founder of the agency, adopted her 3 kids and has made it her life’s work to help others achieve their dreams of parenthood as well. Our social worker, who we met with at that initial meeting as well, also adopted her children and gave us her insights and expertise. We loved how transparent they were and how they were able to speak about the challenges and joys of this process.

The thing that really sold agency adoption for us was the fact that they work with the birth mother. We knew that any woman considering an adoption plan for her child would be demonstrating a level of strength and selflessness that we can’t even begin to imagine. It is important to us that we work with people that recognize and celebrate that courage and work to meet the needs of these incredible women. They provide counseling for mothers before birth so that you can explore the different options you have for your child, they ensure that we are able to help provide assistance for you during pregnancy, they are a lifeline for you if you have any questions or concerns, and they connect you with services post pregnancy so that you are not alone.

The other thing that we really liked was that throughout our entire process so far, they have made it clear that everything they do, all of the workshops they have us attend, books they have us read, and work they have us complete is because they want to make absolutely certain that we will be the best parents possible for your child. We have been well trained to take on this incredible responsibility and you can be assured that we are prepared to parent your child and give them the best life possible. We are so grateful to have had our agency along on this journey with us and we know that if you choose us to parent your child, they will make sure that you are cared for just as well.



Jeremy’s Parents

My mom’s childhood:

My mom grew up in Columbia, Missouri, a college town with her brother and parents. Growing up in a college town allowed my mom to get a taste of different cultures while also enjoying a warm, midwest childhood. My mom also enjoyed peaceful summers with her cousins in Freistatt, a very small German town in the Ozark mountain region of Missouri. At the time, Freistatt, was a town of around 100 people (now around 159 people), with certain accommodations like outhouses that brought back the feeling of technologically simpler times.

My mom’s parents:

My maternal grandfather played instrumental roles at some battles against the Nazis in World War II. He re-grew from this trauma by tending a garden at home. His garden was so noteworthy that the agricultural professors at the local university paid a visit to learn from him. He did keep some gardening secrets though! My mom remembers fondly the far fetched stories he would tell to blow away his listeners, even though she knew shooting a bullet through a cornfield wouldn’t make popcorn.

My maternal grandmother was loving but reserved, which caused my mom to embrace saying the words “I love you” with her own children. It is the most common phrase in my side of the family, and everyone says “I love you” all the time with ease, all because of my mom’s embrace of the phrase. My grandmother was an incredible cook and a resourceful homemaker. I am inspired by my mom’s own resourcefulness that she picked up from her mom. I embrace this trait as I care deeply about our environment.

My dad’s childhood:

My dad grew up in Iran. When he was 5, he moved from Kerman to the country’s capital, Tehran. He lived in Tehran until he was 17, when he moved to Missouri to go to school. My dad, a proud American for more than 50 years, humbles us with his stories of growing up in Iran. However, he also instills pride in us for our Persian heritage - I grew up going to the Zoroastrian temple and taking Farsi classes as a kid. I have fond memories of the friendship, religious services, and food from my experiences growing up and celebrating my Persian heritage.

My dad’s parents:

My paternal grandfather found value in work, and worked into his 90s as a suit store owner because it made him happy. I remember him visiting us in New York, wearing a suit no matter how hot it was in the summer. Working for my grandfather wasn’t about the money, but about the structure it provided him. My dad also finds joy in work - having worked as an engineer for many decades, and coming out of retirement a couple times to pursue new creative job opportunities. The middle parts of my name are after my grandfather. His name was Mehrabon Hooshangi Kermani, and my name is Jeremy Mehrabon Hooshangi Pogemiller-Kermani. Mehrabon means kindness in Farsi, and I am told that my grandfather was a very kind man. I take pride in my name because I value kindness dearly.

My paternal grandmother was decisive, whether it was deciding as a teenager to marry my grandfather or deciding to continually eat McDonald’s fries as she embarked on a cross-country road trip in the US. My dad also finds comfort in knowing what he wants and following his intuition. My father is significantly younger than his older siblings, and he enjoyed uninterrupted affection from his mom. My father also gives uninterrupted affection to his children and grandchildren.

How They Met:

My dad moved to Missouri and was going to school near where my mom grew up. My dad met my mom on the line at a bank. After meeting her, he found her name in the phone book, and called several numbers until he got her on the phone. He got her to go out with him on a date, and the rest is history!

Life Long Learners:

Despite neither of my maternal grandparents attending high school, nor my paternal grandparents going beyond elementary school, all of them valued education and hardwork. My dad got a PhD and my mom became a psychiatric nurse practitioner - the highest degrees in their respective professions. I’ve also inherited this value in education. I don’t value just formal education - I value being a lifelong learner. I am always interested in learning new things whenever I can - whether its audiobooks, podcasts, documentaries, reading online, or doing online quizzes - I am always finding joy in learning. This is one of my favorite things about my parents - that they love learning. When we hang out, we don’t discuss people - we discuss ideas. We can go hours talking without having a tv turned on, where we talk about local or global affairs.

When we talk, we don’t just discuss ideas, we also discuss our feelings. My mom is a psychiatric nurse practitioner, so she has always destigmatized mental illness and has always encouraged an open dialogue about our hopes and fears. I plan on also encouraging my child to talk about how they feel - about anything, without any conditions.

My Parents Creating Their Family:

My parents have built a beautiful life together. They met in Missouri, where my dad was in school and then was a professor. He was actually her math professor at one time too! By the way, my mom says she deserved her A in his class, but I wonder if their relationship had a little something to do with it.

Anyways, my dad got a job at IBM in the Hudson Valley region of New York, and they moved here together. My parents were adventurous, in that they moved to this area despite neither having any family here. And despite this lack of cousins nearby, our immediate family is incredibly close. I have a twin sister, an older brother, and an older sister. We are all close, emotionally and geographically. The Kermani group text is where I get most of my texts, and is where I go to share my good news. We see each other at every holiday and birthday. We say “I love you” nonstop. We share how we feel and we talk about the world. They are my closest friends and confidants.

My parents may have come from different geographical locations, but they both value and embrace the best parts of being human. They are always learning, talking, and loving. Their values are my values.

I cannot wait to welcome the 7th Kermani grandkid. My mom and dad are the most loving grandma and grandpa. Their phones are filled to capacity with videos and pictures of Chloe, Sophie, Ari, Declan, Liam, and Isla. Their phones are always ringing with FaceTime calls and with texts to come over for dinner to spend time with the grandkids. They value family time and affection above all else, as do Kyle and me. I am so proud to call them my mom and dad. I can’t wait for them to become grandparents again when Kyle and I become parents.

Love, Jeremy

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Kyle and Jeremy

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