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Our Nursery Progress

Since we’ve been home so much in the last few months, we’ve had a lot of time to prepare our nursery.  Our goal is to build an environment with plenty of older pieces that have a lot of history to them.  I love the idea of having a story for every odd little addition to our home.  It creates a lot of room for imagination.

So far, we’ve added a cukoo clock from my (Corinne’s) family, one of Rob’s grandmothers antique dressers, a couple of old paintings we found online, & a vintage hanging lamp that reminded us of being on vacation.  Rob’s favorite part of the room is definitely his grandmother’s dresser.  Mine is probably this lamp.

We’re so excited to finish this project & give it to someone.  It’s going to be amazing to watch our baby learn & grow from all of these little things.

- Corinne

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Rob & Corinne

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Rob & Corinne