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Babysitting Time!

This weekend we had the opportunity to babysit overnight for one of Corinne’s close friends.  We got to practice feeding, diapers, bedtime, & everything in between.  The baby was such a sweetheart.  She did such a good job being away from mom for the first time! Read more »

Project Complete

Today I finished one of my longest running projects ever: refinishing & reupholstering a pair of beat up Danish chairs from Facebook market. I really enjoy projects that involve a lot of learning & trying new things.  I would love the opportunity to encourage a child to try something they’re interested Read more »

Our Friends Have A New Baby!

So many of our good friends became parents this year!  Today we had the opportunity to meet this sweet little boy for the very first time.  We cooked some dinner for mom & dad and took care of some chores while we were there to give them a little bit of a break.  We even got to hold the baby! Read more »

Pie Season is Here!

Since we’ve both been home so much more than expected lately, Rob & are thinking of getting a head start on our holiday preparations.  For me, step 1 involves finding & perfecting a solid pie recipe for Thanksgiving.  I had my heart set on making a strawberry-rhubarb filling for months, not realizing that Read more »

Gus Goes to the Vet

Our littlest cat Gus had to take a couple of trips to the vet recently.  It turns out he has some new food allergies that needed sorting out.  It was so sad having to pack him up in the car!  He was not happy about it.  On the bright side, he’s definitely looking & feeling much healthier now. Our Read more »

Painting Pumpkins

We finally got around to doing a little decorating for Halloween this week.  It was nice to stretch our creative limbs a little bit. Read more »

A Trip to Upstate NY

This past weekend we took a trip upstate to do some apple picking & check out some of the Halloween festivities in the Hudson Valley.  Our accommodations came complete with a cat, a dog, & a pen full of chickens!  For the past couple of years we’ve opted to stay in Airbnb’s rather than hotels.  It Read more »

Our Nursery Progress

Since we’ve been home so much in the last few months, we’ve had a lot of time to prepare our nursery.  Our goal is to build an environment with plenty of older pieces that have a lot of history to them.  I love the idea of having a story for every odd little addition to our home.  It creates a lot of room Read more »

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