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We actually met in a doctor’s office a couple of years before we started dating. It’s funny to look back now and wonder if either of us could have guessed that we would end up married & ready to welcome a baby together. Some of the best parts of life are hard to predict!

Corinne has been interested in adoption since she learned about the concept when she was a little girl. Throughout her childhood, she took every opportunity to learn about the adoption experience. As she got older, she spent much of her free time reading & asking questions about how to best support an adopted child.

Rob has always wanted to start a family and raise children. When he became a Christian, he realized that he has a deep passion for loving and supporting all people- not just people within his biological family. About five years later, when he met Corinne, he felt strongly that becoming an adoptive father was his calling.

One of the most important gifts we want to give our child is the ability to experience joy freely and easily throughout his or her adult life. We want to ensure that our son or daughter is able to manage stress & work towards goals in a healthy and balanced way. We believe that these skills make it infinitely easier to live in the moment, to achieve success, and to find happiness.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our house sits on a hill across from a little river & small a park. The water is visible from our front door. We live in a quiet NJ suburb with good schools and a great church community.

We have 3 sweet & very snuggly cats. Their names are Gus, Damien, & Hobbes. Hobbes is especially popular with kids.


adoptive family photo - Corinne One of the first things I learned about Corinne was her desire to adopt. Over the years, I've been amazed at the amount of time and effort Corinne has put into herself and our family as we prepare to welcome a baby. There is always another book on the shelf we are discussing, another documentary on TV we need to watch or a conversation we need to have that challenges us to be better people and better future parents.

Corinne’s dedication to our family shows how well she would love, care and support our child. Her steady commitment to our home shows me how she can provide a warm and pleasant environment for a child to grow up in and experience happiness. Her dedication to her friends show me that she would be an incredible role model to our child on how to treat and love others.

I'’ve grown into a better man as a result of her impact on my life and helping me to better understand myself, my wife and the world around me. I am consistently amazed at how passionately Corinne strives to encourage and protect those around her. She is an amazing wife, an incredible friend and I'm confident those traits will translate into her being a wonderful mother.


adoptive family photo - Rob I truly believe that Rob was meant to be an adoptive father, specifically. In my entire life, I have never seen a man who consistently shows more love, concern, & dedication to others than my husband. I’ve watched him drop everything & rush to the hospital to visit a friend, I’ve watched him run errands for elderly people in our church, & I’ve gone with him to visit people we barely knew because he was afraid they were feeling lonely. Rob is always actively looking for opportunities to treat others like family and I’m confident that he will make our child feel like the most loved and cared for individual in the world.

What I admire the most about my husband is his ability to balance this very mature sense of dedication & patience with a very young & lighthearted attitude. For example, the following is a list of items we currently have in our home: a metal detector, a paddleboat for the river outside of our house, two closets full of board games, and literally hundreds of fantasy books. I am so excited to see Rob take our child looking for treasure, boating, hiking & finding adventure. I already know that by the age of ten, our child will know more about the outdoors, board game strategy & different types of adventure than most adults. Most importantly, I’m positive that Rob will teach all of these things while always maintaining a safe & warm example.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Rob & Corinne

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Rob & Corinne