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Our Story

We met four years ago in Syracuse, New York. On our first date, we went on a hike to a hill overlooking the city, visited the Syracuse zoo, and then went to Mike’s favorite burger joint. We’ve been inseparable since that day, and quickly knew that we wanted to spend our lives together. Just a year later, we got married on that same scenic hill overlooking the city.

Just days after getting married (and Tim receiving his degree), we relocated to Annapolis, Maryland so Tim could pursue a position with the state in budgeting. Mike found a position in dialysis and we eventually adopted a wonderful rescue dog, Lulu.

Life in Maryland was wonderful. We enjoyed cooking together, strolling through the picturesque streets of Annapolis, and taking Lulu to the dog park. Before we knew it, we were welcoming another puppy named Spud into the house after a neighbor had found him wandering outside of the Baltimore Ravens’ stadium.

Recently, we moved back to Western New York to be close to family, purchase a house, and start our own family. Tim took a position as the director of finance for his local municipality. Mike’s job in dialysis transferred to a local clinic and he helps take care of Tim’s grandma. We found a wonderful house which just so happened to be two houses away from Tim’s sister and have been loving life since.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home After getting our house in 2019, we have worked a lot to improve it in many different ways. The biggest project we undertook was kitchen renovation. Tim decided that he could do the work himself and took to Ikea to design and purchase the kitchen. After a month of hard work (and 300 Ikea box deliveries later), our dream kitchen was finally done!

We love cooking in our new kitchen and watching TV. Lulu loves being chased around the kitchen island and Spud enjoys taking long walks in the backyard (especially in the snow) and daytime naps on the couch near the window.

For Tim’s last birthday, Mike turned one of the extra spare rooms into a game room! He fully equipped the room with Mario stickers on the walls, a shelving unit to display Tim’s video games, and of course, a Mario onesie. Tim enjoys spending (perhaps too many) hours playing his PlayStation and Nintendo in here.

We live in a great community with a wonderful school district. Our neighborhood is spacious and beautiful, complete with wonderful parks and playgrounds. There are plenty of children in our neighborhood and of course, Tim’s nephew and niece live two houses away.


adoptive family photo - Mike I grew up in Southern California as the youngest of three brothers. I enjoyed getting into mischief and playing at the beach. My father owned a landscaping company and my mom was an accountant. By the time I turned 21, I decided that California life was just not for me and moved to Syracuse, New York to be with my aunt and cousins who live in the area.

Shortly after moving, I found myself working in dialysis as a technician and phlebotomist. I enjoy helping others and talking with his patients. Working at a hospital, I also found myself doing a number of other duties outside of phlebotomy, such as cardiac reading and working in the emergency room.


adoptive family photo - Tim I grew up in Western New York. I have a small family with one older brother and one older sister. My father is a Lutheran pastor and my mother is a Lutheran school teacher. Growing up, I loved playing piano and quickly became the church pianist.

I loved school and eventually graduated with two Bachelor degrees - one in piano and another in public communication and political science. I then moved to Syracuse, NY where I obtained my Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in local and state financial management and analysis.

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Tim & Mike

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Tim & Mike