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Japanese style breakfast

Recently, after watching several Youtube videos, I realized Japanese style meals are the best way to have a well-balanced meal.  So I started to make “Japanese style breakfast” with 一汁三菜(Ichizyu-san-sai), which includes one grain, one soup, one main (protein), with two sides. Since you can get all different nutrients, my body feels happier and energized. We are really enjoying these meals, so I am definitely making this as our traditional breakfast routine! Read more »

Autumn hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains

We finally put the basic information and pictures on the adoptimist.com to start reaching out to birth parents, and we felt pretty good and excited about it! As for our reward to complete one step forward, we took a little break and went to the Blue Ridge Mountains. We love Autumn in Virginia and the mountains were so Read more »

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Ra + Ayano = RAyano

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Ra + Ayano = RAyano