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WE CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for learning about us and considering us as the parents for your child. We first met each other online in July 2013 and have been married since May 2016. Both of us are deeply committed to our immediate and extended families and we want to acknowledge from the beginning that you and your family would become part of that circle of love. It takes a great deal of courage, strength, and even faith to consider open adoption, and we cannot wait to meet you and thank you for the priceless gift you would be giving us.

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LUCK MUST HAVE BEEN ON OUR SIDE WHEN THE TWO OF US MET, as we clicked with one another right away; in 3 days, we went from a text conversation to a phone conversation, and then to a first date! Right off the bat, we learned about each other’s interests and quickly took an interest in the things that brought each other joy.

Matt’s interest in public service and Barry’s passion for religious traditions. Early on in our relationship, we knew that this was something special, sharing each other with our extended families after only a few weeks! Three years after we met, we got married, and then about 3 years after that we began the adoption process in earnest. Both of us adore children, especially our niece and nephew, and we look forward to raising a family of our own—one that is full of love, laughter, joy, and celebration.

Nothing would give us a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment than helping someone discover the world and realize their place in it. And of course, our future child’s grandparents are looking forward to their arrival!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Barry & Matt Adopt

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Barry & Matt Adopt