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We believe that our family is united and strong. We also believe that our home is a place where warmth resides through the demonstration of love. We seek to provide a safe and secure home with a loving and supportive foundation. Family time is highly valued in our household and we have family dinners, meetings, game nights and vacations together.

We emphasize the importance of education, participate in school functions and are members of the school's PTA. We are also actively involved in church activities. Our church family embraces children and has been a great support to us as a family. This includes providing opportunities for fellowship, such as gatherings for celebrations and various child-friendly events.

We are also very much supported by our parents. They have taken our son on trips, out to the movies, and are always willing to engage in a fun and creative venture. They truly love their grandson and are looking forward to becoming grandparents again as we grow our family through adoption.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We moved into our home seven years ago. One of the features that attracted us to our home was the big backyard and the surrounding family-friendly community. It's the kind of neighborhood where you'll see children playing outside, family celebrations, and the ice cream truck circling throughout the streets. We can often be found riding our bikes or taking walks on a sunny warm day.

Our community offers easy access to a track and a few state parks. Although we live in a suburban community, we can commute to the city easily. In fact, one of our son's favorite activities is traveling to the city. We are in a great school district that values education, is inclusive, and offers many opportunities that support student growth and achievement.

We are within a 30-minute drive to our parents' homes so our son is able to visit his grandparents often. Our charming home consists of four bedrooms, one of which has been prepared for the child that we hope to adopt.


adoptive family photo - Jerane I met Jerane at a bus stop over twenty years ago, and although we exchanged telephone numbers, I would have never expected to have met my husband on that day. We established a firm foundation as friends. In doing so, I was able to see how empathetic, loving, and patient he is. These traits, along with being ambitious, authentic and considerate, were attributes that drew me to cultivate a deeper relationship with him.

As a husband, Jerane is determined, compassionate, and works towards setting and meeting goals for our family and himself. He is very creative and a talented computer graphic artist. He shares his creativity and artistic abilities with the children that he works with as a teacher's assistant. He also works with our son on everything, from learning coding to assisting him with his homework.

As a father, he has exceeded my expectations. Jerane is very present and has always been there in every capacity for Caleb. Our son truly loves Jerane and he and Caleb have a great bond; they often go out for a 'daddy son' day. At first, when my son said that he and Jerane were going to go out for a 'daddy son' day, I didn't know what he was talking about. When I asked Jerane, he explained that Caleb came up with the idea. Whether it is a trip to the diner, a movie, or a bike ride around the neighborhood, I love seeing them interact. The investment that Jerane continually pours into our family does not go unnoticed and makes him a wonderful father and husband.


adoptive family photo - Chantall When I first met Chantall, I was just 19-years-old, had recently transferred to a new college, and started a new job. I was trying to figure out in what direction I wanted to go with my future. Once I began working and going to school, I felt as though I was caught in a loop, concentrating on work and my studies with no true end goal. When I met Chantall, I found a person that helped both change and challenge my views on what my life could be.

While talking with her and being in her company, I discovered she was also working and going to school (like myself) but was using her musical abilities to help shape her future. I had a background in art and design, but never seriously considered my talents as a means to guide my future. Meeting and pursuing a relationship with Chantall inspired me to start my valued career and business.

After we got married and had our son Caleb, I saw Chantall effortlessly take on the role of mother. She has always been a guiding force in developing our son’s talents and confidence. While I introduced him to music at an early age, it was Chantall that noticed his ability to sing and encouraged him to pursue music.

I have known and loved Chantall for over 25 years. From the time we began dating, to when we married and began sharing a life together, I have always appreciated what she gave to me. It is difficult to picture what a life without her would look like, but I am so glad I do not have to.

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jerane & Chantall

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