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Hi there! As with most people, the holidays were a bit different this year than most. Some family wasn’t able to come out due to COVID concerns. The ones who could visit got tested and quarantined to avoid any potential spread and even then a potential exposure almost cancelled the entire thing! In the end though, we were so fortunate for Jenny’s parents to drive down from Michigan; her brother, sister-in-law, and nephew drove down from Virginia; and Scott’s parents and older brother came over from nearby to spend Christmas together. 

The morning started with Jenny’s family gathered around the Christmas tree while her 2-year-old nephew experienced the joy of Santa and opening presents together as a family.  Jenny’s dad then cooked the family our traditional biscuit-and-gravy breakfast so everyone could be stuffed to the brim to start the day.  And then in the afternoon, Scott’s family came over and spent the day with everyone. We chatted and ate a delicious spread of food that Jenny worked hard on (and always makes way too much!).

Overall, the day was perfect - we spent it with family and we’re so thankful for the chance to come together.

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Jenny & Scott

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Jenny & Scott