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Hi there! As with most people, the holidays were a bit different this year than most. Some family wasn’t able to come out due to COVID concerns. The ones who could visit got tested and quarantined to avoid any potential spread and even then a potential exposure almost cancelled the entire thing! In the end though, we were so fortunate for Jenny’s parents to drive down from Michigan; her brother, sister-in-law, and nephew drove down from Virginia; and Scott’s parents and older brother came over from Read more »

Visiting family in the time of COVID

Scott hasn’t seen his abuelo for over a year, so he decided to drive down to Miami for the weekend to visit. Because he’s 94 years old, he had to take a lot of precautions. Aside from a scratch on his forehead, he doesn’t look bad for his age! We really hope that our child will be able to meet him and learn Read more »

Family vacation in South Carolina

Family is extremely important to both of us.  We are lucky to be able to take vacations with both sides of our family.  We are currently on vacation with Jenny’s family in South Carolina.  Highlights of the trip have been nightly family dinners and teaching our nephew to fish. Read more »

Visiting family in Michigan

Jenny has a lot of family and extended family in Michigan.  A recent trip brought the family together (after negative covid tests) and we had a wonderful time showing our nephew his great grandparents farm and teaching him how to cook smores! Read more »

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